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Thursday 8 July 2010

A Trip to Alexander Dennis in Harlow

After visiting CELF Centre earlier, my travels took me to ADL's Plant in Harlow, the plant replaces the old plant in Ware, which was the main PDI Centre for vehicle deliveries down South. The new bigger centre has the ability to carry out refurbishments for bus operators, namely, Abellio, First and London United. The plant is located in the Pinnacles, which is literally at the Pinnacle of Harlow and despite me getting off the train in good time, it took me over two hours to reach my destination, probably because I walked in the wrong direction across the town, nevertheless it was still a long walk.

I had no specific reasoning for visiting the centre today, which unusually doesn't tie in with the theme of the blog. However it was an extremely hot day, I had money in my pocket and nothing to do, so my travels took me here. I'll admit that I knew there was an outstanding number of vehicles due for London which would more than likely pass through here and I got lucky as when I arrived, there were an abundance of London buses as the pictures illustrate. I must send a special thanks to my good freind Rohan who made it his priority to make sure I got there safely and did not give up helping me until I was there. Good Lad! Enjoy the Photos!
Metroline DE1134 LK10 BZA
Abellio 9423 LJ07 OPK
Transdev VA80 V203 OOE
Metroline DE1134 LK10 BZA
ADL Harlow Yard view
Metroline DE1135 LK10 BZB
Metroline DE1136 LK10 BZC
ADL Harlow Yard view
ADL Harlow Yard view
Metroline TE1073, TE1074 and TE1075
VNL32254 LT52 WVZ and TE1073 LK10 BZV
Cricklewood Garage code
Abellio 9423 LJ07 OPK Front
London United VA80 V203 OOE
London United VA80 V203 OOE
Metroline DE1134 LK10 BZA

Metroline DE1134 LK10 BZA
Metroline DE1134 LK10 BZA
First Air Coach 20351 Rear
First Air Coach 20351 Front
Ex First London DML41735 X735 HLF
ADL Harlow Workshop


at: Friday, July 09, 2010 9:23:00 am said...

Whats VA80 doing their?, it was on the 222 the day before.

at: Friday, July 09, 2010 9:16:00 pm said...

Excellent photos

Jay says:
at: Saturday, July 10, 2010 1:44:00 pm said...

Thank you Tony!

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