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Metroline CELF Centre Part 11

DML41768 X768HLR was the visitor today as I arrived at CELF Centre, the First London, Alperton based bus made the short trip from Alperton Garage in order to get its chassis cleaned. Since the opening of this Centre in September 2007, it has proved very effective and First seem to be using the centre just as much as Metroline. Just goes to show how good a job the employees at CELF Centre do day in and day out.

Not really much here to see today if I'm being totally honest with myself, other than the two First London TNs which are set to cascade to Eastern Counties and a severely damaged TPL259 LN51 KYT. Enjoy the photos placed below.

Metroline TE981 LK59DZE at CELF Centre

Metroline TE981 LK59 DZE at CELF Centre
Metroline VP342 LR52BOF at Metroline CELF Centre 

Ex First London TN33172 LR02LYP at CELF Centre following its conversion from dual door to single door, note the upper deck rear LED lights
First London TN33143 at Metroline CELF Centre.

Fire damaged TPL259 LN51 KYT

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Metroline Cricklewood Garage [W]... New Metroline TEs

TE1073 LK10BZV and TE1074 LK10BZX stand side by side at Cricklewood Garage having just been delivered yesterday from Alexander-Dennis Harlow. These Buses are part of the batch TE1073 -1104 for Cricklewood contacts, Route 139 and 189.

A further 10 are expected for the Route 139 as well as some for the 210. The Buses are now the third batch of Metroline Vehicles, excluding VP628 to gain power blinds. I must say these Buses are quite nice, however the forced air compression at the rear of the Buses are the only downside. Other visitors to Cricklewood were VP508 of AC (Willesden) and DE1143 of PA (Perivale West).

More Photos Below

TEH915 SN08AAO and DLD201 LN51KXG

Old and New

TE1073 bottom deck interior

TE1073 Top deck interior.

11680KGS, A bit heavy?

TE1073 Cab

TE1075, the last of the deliveries from Harlow

TAL119 TA82  and TE1073 

TA659 LK05GHH, in the workshop

DE1032 LK59AVW in the workshop

TE1073, TE1074 and TP400 LR52KXV line up

TEH915 SN08 AAO 

DE1143 LK10 BZL, a strange visitor 

VP508 LK53LYC another strange visitor.

TA112 V312 GLB

Enviro 400 Line up. TE832, 828 and TEH 919
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Arriva London Lea Valley Garage [LV]...New Ts for South London

A visit to Arriva Lea Valley I Must send a huge mention to my mate Rohan for providing me with the opportunity to visit two Arriva garages owing to his links within the company. This was a first time for me visiting this Garage and I must say I was very excited especially as there was new Buses on the premises. 

Arriva London T118 LJ10 HVO

The new Buses came in the form of the classy ADL Enviro 400 double decks which as destined for Arriva's Thornton Heath Garage in South London for a top up on the Routes 109 and 250 which both run from Brixton to Croydon. however the 109 takes the more direct route into Croydon via Streatham whereas the 250 goes via Thornton Heath. Although only two buses were present at the site today, the new Buses were originally planned to be part of a batch 27 Buses numbered between T118 -  144, however upon delivery T118 - 121 were diverted to Croydon Garage (CN) leaving only 24 Buses to split between both routes. This meant DLA appearances on both Routes were quite common. Other than that there was nothing extraordinary to see here. Credit to the Arriva London staff for allowing me on their premises. More shots from the visit are below.

Arriva London PDL63 LJ51DCV
T118 Bottom Deck Interior
Arriva T118 Interior
Arriva T118 Interior Front Window
Arriva T119 Rear
MA20 BX04MXU and MA118 BX55FVU
Arriva Trainer DLA37 S237JUA
Arriva MA104 BX55FVD
Arriva MAs in the Yard 
Arriva PDL69 LJ51DDF
Arriva MA118, MA20 and T118
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Metroline CELF Centre Part 10

Its TE668 LK55 KJZ again! Those who read CELF Centre Part 7 will remember this vehicle standing inside the workshop, it has now moved to the forecourt and should be returned to Holloway very soon. I don't understand why TE682 was not sent here instead...

These shots were actually taken at around 7:30am in the morning, peak time for buses arriving at CELF. The buses were arriving in their dozens in the short 30 minutes I was on the premises today. The reason for me being here so early is due to the fact I was on my way to ADL Harlow's plant so I had to quickly get out of the house and rush here to gain shots. Things to note here were some T Reg TPs that had just come over from Holloway, some new DEs for Routes 143 and C11 contracts and that ever present MAN/MCV Evolution which is still seeking a permanent home. Please enjoy the photography from today.

Metroline DLF1001 KU52 YKH
Metroline TP458 LK03 GJU
Metroline TE668 LK55 KJZ
MAN MCV Evolution

Ex Metroline TP304 LT02 ZZJ
Ex Metroline TP313 LT02 ZZU
Metroline TA66 T61 KLD
Metroline DLF1001 KU52 YKH
Metroline TP3 T103 KLD
Metroline DE1120 LK10 BYL
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Metroline CELF Centre Part 9

VP333 LR52 BNK stands in side the workshop at CELF. This Bus is part of the 2002 VP317 - 347 batch for the 24 that used to operate from HT (Holloway). However as the years have gone by some of this batch has steadily transferred to HD (Harrow Weald).But in November 2007 when the 24 was lost to Go Ahead London it signalled the end of these buses at HT and VP331 - 347 were all transferred to Harrow Weald Garage (HD).

This is one of the few places that I can visit time after time and there will something new to photograph, its absolutely amazing! Another First London President has visited the centre since my last visit and a few more TPs and DLFs have also arrived. I think I'll let the pictures do the talking below.

Metroline DLD118 V188 GBY
Ex Metroline TP313 LT02 ZZU stands at the CELF Centre
Ex Metroline DLF77 W977 TRP
A First TN and Metroline DE stand side by side at CELF Centre
Ex Metroline DLF79 X179 BNH and DLF108 KU52 YLD
Metroline DE958 LK58 CTU
An interior view of CELF Centre

Metroline DLD703 LK55 KLX
A shot of two TPs going back to Dawson's
Metroline TA66

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