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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Metroline CELF Centre Part 9

VP333 LR52 BNK stands in side the workshop at CELF. This Bus is part of the 2002 VP317 - 347 batch for the 24 that used to operate from HT (Holloway). However as the years have gone by some of this batch has steadily transferred to HD (Harrow Weald).But in November 2007 when the 24 was lost to Go Ahead London it signalled the end of these buses at HT and VP331 - 347 were all transferred to Harrow Weald Garage (HD).

This is one of the few places that I can visit time after time and there will something new to photograph, its absolutely amazing! Another First London President has visited the centre since my last visit and a few more TPs and DLFs have also arrived. I think I'll let the pictures do the talking below.

Metroline DLD118 V188 GBY
Ex Metroline TP313 LT02 ZZU stands at the CELF Centre
Ex Metroline DLF77 W977 TRP
A First TN and Metroline DE stand side by side at CELF Centre
Ex Metroline DLF79 X179 BNH and DLF108 KU52 YLD
Metroline DE958 LK58 CTU
An interior view of CELF Centre

Metroline DLD703 LK55 KLX
A shot of two TPs going back to Dawson's
Metroline TA66


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