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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Metroline CELF Centre Part 7

Pictured at the end of the centre is TE668 LK55 KJZ from Holloway Garage, this vehicle is part of the batch of the first ever Alexander Dennis E400s in the world. They were part of a batch of 28 vehicles that were ordered for Metroline's then flagship route 24 in late 2005. The vehicles were numbered between TE660 and TE692 and subsequently entered service in February of 2006.

Things to notice at the Centre were some inherited Thorpes DLFs and some more TPs which are due to go off lease very soon. Other things to note at the centre was TN33193 which should have departed to First a while back, however it has now been moved to the forecourt of the centre which is a sign it should be signed off and handed back to First very soon. The lighting today was slightly awkward hence why I had to use flash for a lot of the shots taken. So my apologies for the shot quality today. More shots of the visit are placed below. 

TE668 LK55 KJZ in the workshop
Ex Metroline DLF66 W966TRP
Ex Metroline TP315 LT02ZZW
Metroline TP5 T105 KLD
Ex Metroline TP399 LR52 KXU
Metroline VPL184 Y184NLK
DLM152 Y252NLK
First TN33173 LR02 LYS


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