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Go Ahead London Silvertown Garage[SI]...MCV B9TL

Its been a while since the last Garage visit due to various different circumstances going on in my personal life however they say patience is a virtue and don't you think this visit was worth waiting for? Two of my mates took a visit to this Garage just yesterday to gain pictures of this vehicle which I'm sure you readers know all too well. So I only thought that it was my duty to gain photos too for of course you, the readers. For those that don't know this vehicle is an MCV bodied Volvo B9TL one of only two in the World.

Go Ahead London VM1 BJ11 XGZ

A first one was built in April 2010 but deemed too heavy for TFL service so a second lighter version was built in August 2010 and sent to Go Ahead for trialling on the Route 425. I must add that this is a stunning looking vehicle and it is being received well by all Go Ahead London staff that seem to come across it. This model weighs 12,373 KGS and has a length of 10.284m, however for its length the vehicle is extremely comfortable in terms of leg room and still manages to seat 63 people. It's somewhat of a milestone for TFL vehicles. I honestly cannot name one design flaw in this vehicle. So please feel free to state any in the comments section...nevertheless more photos are available below.

More Photos Below:
Go Ahead London VM1 BJ11 XGZ
Go Ahead London PVL276 PJ02 RBO
Go Ahead London LDP302 R153 RLY
Go Ahead London WVL421 LX11 CXD
Go Ahead London ED5 AE06 HCG
Go Ahead London LX07 BYS
Go Ahead London LX07 BYK
Go Ahead London ED5 AE06 HCG
Go Ahead London PVL129 W529 WGH
Go Ahead London SO5 BV55 UCY
Go Ahead London SOC9 LX08 ECY
Go Ahead London SE44 LX10 AVB
Go Ahead London SE44 LX10 AVB
Go Ahead London MCV B9TL
Lower Deck Interior 
Go Ahead London MCV B9TL
Upper Deck Interior 

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