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Metroline CELF Center Part 19

Today was a nice hot day and with no college I decided to visit Metroline's CELF Centre located in Perivale, West London. The Center opened in 2007 as the Central Logistics Facility within the company

It deals with M.O.T, Chassis Cleaning and minor body touches such as paintwork and re-paneling. Last year the Center was upgraded to VOSA standard and now a number of vehicles from other companies such as London Sovereign and First London now visit the center every week for maintenance work. I spent the best part of an hour and a half just kicking back and having a laugh with the excellent lads at the center. I also got some interesting news too. It was confirmed to me that VP317 - 494 are actually on lease to Metroline by Volvo as well as VPL581 - 603. Aside that all other vehicles in the fleet except DP1049 are owned by the company, which is good news due to the fact the only other companies to buy their vehicles are Arriva and First. Of course It wasn't all talk and I did manage to take some photos.

Metroline MM819 LK7 AYO

Metroline DSD214 LR02 BEU

Transdev London Sovereign SLE30 YN55 NJK

Metroline TA74 T74 KLD

Metroline TE738 LK07 AZU

Metroline MM819 LK57 AYO

Metroline DE1115 LK10 BYB

Metroline SEL808 LK57 KBO

Transdev London Sovereign SLE30 YN55 NJK

Metroline VP322 LR52 BNO

Metroline TPL259 LN51 KYT

Metroline DLD146 W146 ULR

Metroline TE951 LK58 KHU

Metroline SEL808 LK57 KBO (Rear)

Metroline MM819 LK7 AYO

Metroline DE997 LK09 ENJ

Transdev London Sovereign SLE30 YN55 NJK

Metroline TA74 T74 KLD

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West London Bits Part 1

Metroline VW1067 LK60 AEO
London United VLE45 PO54 OOG

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London United Hounslow Heath Garage [HH]...Revisit...New Optare Tempos

Today I visited London United's Hounslow Heath Garage which sits on the Border of Greater West London and Surrey. This is the second time I have visited the location, the first of which was back in October when the ADHs were in the process of being delivered. This time I visited the garage as I received word that some of the new Optare Tempos (OT) had finally been delivered for use on the new H37 (Hounslow - Richmond) contract.

The new Tempos or OTs as they are classified as have an acclaimed capacity of '78' and weigh 10,180KGS. They are fitted with environmentally friendly Mercedes Euro5 Engines. I must say I really like these vehicles. They bring a much needed new style of Bus to London's streets I would personally love to see more of these ordered. Currently at the Garage there are four of these Buses, all of them have had their IBUS Screens fitted as well as CCTV are now in process of driver training. Just a note here: The Tempo demonstrator is still situated at Hounslow Bus Garage (AV). More photos of the said buses and the premises are displayed below, enjoy!

London United DPS707 SN55 HKK

London United VA71 V189 OOE

London United DPS712 SN55 HKT

London United DE21 YX58 DWK

London United ADH1 SN58 EOR

London United ADH1 SN58 EOR

London United OT3 YJ11 EHK

London United Optare Tempo Interior

London United OT4 YJ11 EHL

London United OT2 YJ11 EHH

London United SP21 YN08 DHF

London United SP21 YN08 DHF

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