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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Metroline CELF Centre Part 4

Now readers of this Blog will have now realised that 'CELF' Centre in a blog entry at any time is the norm but what exactly is 'CELF'? CELF stands for Central Engineering Logistics Facility. It is Metroline's main engineering base and they specialise in Chassis cleaning, Bodywork, Painting and vehicle repanelings, they  also refurbish buses for other companies such as First London. Located in Perivale in Greenford just of the A40 Avenue it is about a minute away from Perivale West Garage (PA).

No wonder PAs buses are always noticeably better than the rest in the fleet! It was opened in the 3rd quartile of 2008 and since then every Bus has been required to spend a minimum of two days there for chassis inspection and MOT Checks amongst other things. It is also a requirement for all new vehicle deliveries  to be sent here for quality control checks and vehicle specification checks. Now last week an MCV Evolution visited CELF, with Metrobus specification, it was not known whether Metrobus owned the vehicle as it was the sole vehicle to be cancelled from the Route 202 batch.

More Photos Below

Metroline TP386 LR52 KXL
Metroline DP1003 RX51 FNT
Metroline TA104 T204 CLO
TP304 LT02 ZZJ and VP334 LR52 BNL
DLD112 T52 KLD
DLD185 Y658 NLO
DP34 W134 WGT
DE1115 LK10 BYB
DP1007 RX51 FNU
Metroline TP368 LR52 KWK
New Legal Lettering
Metroline TP389 LR52 KXH


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