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Picture of the Week [W/E - 23.02.2014]

DLA206 - W437 WGJ is seen on stand at Edgware Bus Station.

DLA206 - W437 WGJ
The Vehicle was formerly part of a batch from Brixton (BN) operated by Arriva London South. DLA206 transferred over to Arriva the Shires' Garston Garage in early February to cover for the PVR increase of 1 on Route 340 due to road works on Marsh Lane between Cannons Park and Stanmore Broadway. No change in fleetcode and inadequate Blind Destination Boards indicate that the vehicle is a temporary transfer and may get decommissioned out of service in London. This may follow in the footsteps of 6224 (X457 FGP), which was a permanent transfer to Arriva the Shires from Arriva Southern Counties.
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The return of SEL746 [LK07 BBE]

A recent yet unexpected repaint comes in the form of long term absentee SEL746, the vehicle is part of a batch of 33 ordered by the company in 2007 and delivered between the summer of that year and January 2008. For no apparent reason on the 19th of February 2013, the vehicle was withdrawn from service, however it was later emerged that it had suffered severe damage, although the details were not disclosed.

During my various trips to CELF, I never did actually manage to catch a glimpse of the vehicle, it became somewhat of an interest point for me as at the time it seemed weird as to why it was out of action for so long. One the 18th of January 2014, just a month shy of a year out of service, it inaudibly slipped back into service on the 297. Albeit sporting a fresh coat of paint complete with the latest Metroline logo and a very small roundel.

For all the efforts of repainting the vehicle, it will become redundant in June 2014 along with sister vehicles, SEL739 - 745 & 747 - 764 which will be replaced by 21 brand new Volvo B5LH/Gemini3 buses as per the new route 7 contract.  No doubt the repaint has activated the rumour mill again to where these buses will end up after their duties are relieved on the route 7. One was seen driving in the Holloway area in the direction of  HT garage.  I'll let that one land where it does...Feel free to comment! 
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Arriva London Edmonton Garage [EC]...Welcome back

I think I'm being really generous, today's visit caps off four garage visits in as many weeks. As the title suggests, today's visit was one to Arriva London's Edmonton garage which is strangely not even located in the area of Edmonton. The garage itself is situated just a short walk from the Lea Valley Garage on a piece of land adjacent to the river Lea. The area has a somewhat industrialised feel to it, which is exaggerated by the Pylons towering over and almost makes you feel out of place if you don't work in that sort of industry, and although I vowed to never come back to this area any time soon, I couldn't refuse to opportunity to add to this year's already promising looking portfolio.

Opened in 1993 by the now defunct operator, London Suburban bus, Edmonton Garage was the base chosen to house the recently won 4 and 271 routes, with the 41 being won at a latter date. The obstruction of the River Lea and Pymme Brook, means that drivers would have to cautiously drive alongside the canal for quite some distance before joining the main road, which was interesting to see.
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