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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Metroline CELF Centre Part 10

Its TE668 LK55 KJZ again! Those who read CELF Centre Part 7 will remember this vehicle standing inside the workshop, it has now moved to the forecourt and should be returned to Holloway very soon. I don't understand why TE682 was not sent here instead...

These shots were actually taken at around 7:30am in the morning, peak time for buses arriving at CELF. The buses were arriving in their dozens in the short 30 minutes I was on the premises today. The reason for me being here so early is due to the fact I was on my way to ADL Harlow's plant so I had to quickly get out of the house and rush here to gain shots. Things to note here were some T Reg TPs that had just come over from Holloway, some new DEs for Routes 143 and C11 contracts and that ever present MAN/MCV Evolution which is still seeking a permanent home. Please enjoy the photography from today.

Metroline DLF1001 KU52 YKH
Metroline TP458 LK03 GJU
Metroline TE668 LK55 KJZ
MAN MCV Evolution

Ex Metroline TP304 LT02 ZZJ
Ex Metroline TP313 LT02 ZZU
Metroline TA66 T61 KLD
Metroline DLF1001 KU52 YKH
Metroline TP3 T103 KLD
Metroline DE1120 LK10 BYL


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