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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Arriva London Lea Valley Garage [LV]...New Ts for South London

A visit to Arriva Lea Valley I Must send a huge mention to my mate Rohan for providing me with the opportunity to visit two Arriva garages owing to his links within the company. This was a first time for me visiting this Garage and I must say I was very excited especially as there was new Buses on the premises. 

Arriva London T118 LJ10 HVO

The new Buses came in the form of the classy ADL Enviro 400 double decks which as destined for Arriva's Thornton Heath Garage in South London for a top up on the Routes 109 and 250 which both run from Brixton to Croydon. however the 109 takes the more direct route into Croydon via Streatham whereas the 250 goes via Thornton Heath. Although only two buses were present at the site today, the new Buses were originally planned to be part of a batch 27 Buses numbered between T118 -  144, however upon delivery T118 - 121 were diverted to Croydon Garage (CN) leaving only 24 Buses to split between both routes. This meant DLA appearances on both Routes were quite common. Other than that there was nothing extraordinary to see here. Credit to the Arriva London staff for allowing me on their premises. More shots from the visit are below.

Arriva London PDL63 LJ51DCV
T118 Bottom Deck Interior
Arriva T118 Interior
Arriva T118 Interior Front Window
Arriva T119 Rear
MA20 BX04MXU and MA118 BX55FVU
Arriva Trainer DLA37 S237JUA
Arriva MA104 BX55FVD
Arriva MAs in the Yard 
Arriva PDL69 LJ51DDF
Arriva MA118, MA20 and T118


at: Friday, July 23, 2010 11:17:00 pm said...

Great Photos, Could you got to NW again and if you don't mind i have a few more to add to the list: TF/WN/SW/Q/DT/BV/WD/TL & AV.

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