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Metroline CELF Center Part 23

Today hosted another visit to Metroline CELF Center but I promise you readers more garage visits will follow, we are in the process of organizing quite a few interesting visits. It just takes a while that's all...

Today's visit hosted nothing really special if I'm being honest. The remaining DEs for the 274 DE1152 - 1170 have all been delivered to the center and have all been commissioned by the wonderful staff at the Center ready for delivery to KC (Kings Cross) Garage. These new DEs have a much more sturdy feel to them unlike their 08 Reg sisters across at PA (Perivale West). Aside that four new VWs (1193/1194/1195/1197) for the Route 79 have been delivered early to the center and are now in the process of getting commissioned. The Route 79 is the latest route to be won of First by Metroline...and will be run from PA. The introduction of this route to this garage in September will result in either the 143,326 or C11 moving to W (Cricklewood) and/or Holloway or the E6 moving to PV (Perivale East).

Metroline DE1168 LK11 CXA
Metroline VW1197 LK11 CYP
Metroline DE1166 LK11 CWY
Metroline TP434 LK03 GGA
Metroline DLD190 Y154 NLK
Metroline DE1160 LK11 CWR
Metroline DLD190 Y154 NLK

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Metroline CELF Center Part 22...New DEs for the 274

Today I visited CELF Center again for what may be the 30th time although the title may suggest otherwise.The reason for this visit was to view the new Dennis Enviro 200s for the 274, shown below, for the contract that commenced on June 25th 2011.
Metroline DE1154 LK11 CWJ
The new DEs are part of a batch consisting of 19 vehicles, numbered between DE1152 - 1170. The new DEs are an amazing 7,900Kgs which makes them the heaviest E200s in London on the Dennis Dart chassis. They are almost 400Kgs heavier than their 10 Reg sisters numbered DE1115 - 1151 for Routes 143 and C11. These vehicles were built at Plaxton's former Scarborough plant which is known the build heavier vehicles than the rest of the Alexander-Dennis plants. I also visited Perivale West Garage home to the recently won Route 105, it appears the VWs are growing nicely on the drivers and the staff at the Garage are looking forward to taking on a further 12 in January for the 297.

More Photos Below:

Metroline DE1156 LK11 CWM and DE1157 LK11 CWN
Metroline MM787 LK57 EHX
Metroline VPL196 Y146 NLK
Metroline DLD174 Y674 NLK
Metroline TA72 T72 KLD
Metroline DE867 LK08 DXA and DE958 LK58 CTU
Metroline DE959 LK58 CTV
Metroline VW1183 LK11 CXT
Metroline VW1175 LK11 CXJ
Metroline VW1177 LK11 CXM
Metroline TPL296 LR02 BDU
Metroline VP342 LR52 BOF
Metroline DE1152 LK11 CWF (Nearside)
Metroline VPL232 Y232 NLK
Metroline VP342 LR52 BOF
Metroline VW1186 LK11 CXW

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Picture Of The Day 7th Of July 2011

First London VNW32425 LK04 HYC
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Watford Gap Services: The new DEs for London Sovereign...Route 251

Here are the first pictures of the long awaited Enviro 200s destined for London Sovereign for both of their Harrow (SO) and Edgware (BT) Bases. The delivery of these two vehicles pictured at the Watford Gap in Northamptonshire are the first of a 43 strong order of new Buses for the gained Route 251 and retained Routes; H9,H10,H11,H14 and H17.

The Buses are considerably early as their contracted work will start in September this year, nevertheless they are happily welcomed. They are the first batch of new vehicles to be ordered by London Sovereign following their split from London United. They do not have the new 'Enviro style lights' but do have the new bumper which makes them look very sharp indeed.

Photo © ReynardBizzar 
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