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Latest Buses at the Trim... February 26th Of 2011

Arriva VLW186 LJ03MMK 

Go Ahead London General E1 SN06BNA 

Arriva VLW182 LJ03MLZ 

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Abellio London Walworth Garage [WL]...Revisit...Ex Armchair DTs...Route 172 New Vehilces

Its not often I visit a Garage twice within close succession of the first visit. Those of you who read the Blog regularly will know that I visited here in January however I had to visit again after I received news that some Ex Armchair ALX400s had been delivered here early following the take up of the Route 172.

There are set to be 14 of these Buses delivered here within the coming weeks, with 6 already delivered. The Buses have been extensively refurbished and now contain Abellio London's Livery as well as their interior trim with the Abellio Seat Moquette. Surprisingly the new Buses contain Powerblinds, or Smartblinds 'if you like that'. If I am being totally honest I do not like these vehicles at all but nevertheless I still provided the photos. So enjoy.

More Photos Below:
Abellio 9832 KN52 NDD and KN52 NFA

Abellio 9043 BX55 XMT

Abellio 9842 KN52 NEY and
Abellio 9833 KN52 NDE

Route 381

Abellio KN52 NFA

Abellio KN52 NFA Interior
Abellio 9842 KN52 NEY
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Latest Buses at the Trim... February 20th 2011

London Central PVL363

London General PVL386

London United RATP TA216

Arriva London MA113

UID London Central NV
London General PVL74

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Stagecoach London Plumstead Garage [PD]...New Enviro 400s

Today I visited Stagecoach's London Plumstead Garage in South East London. It was reported that three new Enviro 400s had been delivered to the garage, so I traveled all the way from North West London to this location, the journey took me the best part of three hours.
Stagecoach London 19744 LX11BBO
The Garage itself was opened in 1981 and was well sited to serve the growing Thamesmead area which was benefiting from the introduction of new services in and around the area. The purpose of the new garage was to replace the former Abbey Wood and Plumstead Garage which were smaller in size to this newer base which was built to hold up to 185 vehicles. When the base was initially opened it was made up entirely of Scania/MCW Metropolitans, however two years later in 1983 the allocation was completely changed to Leyland Titans, following the decline in their popularity yet again and many were shipped off around to other parts of the UK, including 21 to Reading Corporation. Upon its introduction, the garage housed 35 Articulated Mercedes Citaros on the Route 453 in 2003 until 2008, despite loosing the Route to London General in 2007.

Back to the purpose of the visit, I expected to see only one of these vehicles, however when I arrived there, there were in fact 4 of these new Enviro 400s. Another arrived into the yard with a dozen Stagecoach officials, who explained to me that these new Enviro 400s are due to take up duties on the Route 53 which runs from Whitehall to Plumstead Railway Station. They also explained that these Buses are leased through ADL themselves and they will have LX11 xxx Number Plates. They are not due to enter service until March this year. Interestingly these vehicles do not contain the conventional fire exits as with the other Stagecoach Enviro 400 examples in the provinces.

More Photos below: 

Stagecoach London 17215 V215 MEV

Stagecoach Officials stand by 19744 LX11BBO

Unidentified Stagecoach London Enviro 400 Trident 
Unidentified Stagecoach London Enviro 400 Trident 

Stagecoach London 36328 LX58 CCO

Stagecoach London 17959 LX53 JYY

Stagecoach London 17588 LV52 HFX

Stagecoach London 19744 LX11BBO Rear

Stagecoach London 19744 LX11BBO
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Metroline CELF Centre Part 17

Today was the first visit to Metroline's CELF Centre in about 3 months if I'm correct.

Amid all the bad press the Evening Standard 'tried' to give Metroline, you have to give them credit for opening up this Centre which is the fist of is kind in the London Bus industry. It's so good that First use the centre to MOT and refurbish their vehicles just as much as Metroline do. Today proved a successful day as I got the general manager of Metroline's fleet maintenance to send down the 'infected' TE682 which has had problems since delivery for maintenance.
More Photos below:
First London TN33000 and
Metroline VPL165

Metroline VPL228 and Metroline TP380

First London TN33000

Metroline TAL125

Metroline TP400

Metroline DE862

Metroline TP453

Metroline TE914

Metroline DLD130

Metroline TP390 and Metroline TP397

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Latest Buses at the Trim... February 11th 2011

London Central PVL362

Go Ahead London PVL221

Metroline TP436

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Latest Buses at the Trim... February 8th 2011

London United TA212 SN51 SYR

Ex  - Arriva London MA140 BX55 FXC

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Changes in North London : 5th February 2011

Today signalled minor changes in the North London area, with the W4 leaving Arriva to be operated by First and the W5 leaving Metroline to be operated by CT Plus. Of course new Buses were out and about today, not that the general public would notice them. First opted for the Enviro 200 whereas CT Plus opted for the Optare Solo.

More Photos below: 

DMS44428 YX60 FUJ W4 first day with First

OS12 YJ60 PFF W5 first day with CT Plus.

OS12 YJ60 PFF W5 first day with CT Plus.

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Latest Buses at the Trim... February 5th 2011

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