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Friday, 16 July 2010

Metroline CELF Centre Part 8

Former Metroline TP368 LR52 KWK stands outside the workshop at CELF having just been brought out of storage at North Wembley Garage (NW) which closed in May 2009. This bus along with a few others noted outside the centre have been brought to CELF to have final preparations done to them to ensure that they return back to their owners, Dawson's Rentals in pristine condition. 

This bus is part of a leased batch of Buses numbered between TP348 - 402, they were delivered to Cricklewood Garage in 2003 following the reattainment of flagship routes 16 and 139 . However the batch of Buses are being remanded at CELF due to Dawsons rentals site in Milton Keynes being too full. Sights at the workshop to see were DE1001 getting its Chassis cleaned and the coupled TNs for First Regional services. The Metrobus Specified Man/MCV still remains at the workshop after four weeks and is no longer worth taking photos of.  Enjoy the shots below.

Ex Metroline DLF123 KX53 SDV
First TN33193 LR02 LYT and WLT903
Metroline DE1001 LK09 EOC getting its Chassis cleaned
Metroline DSD213 LR02 BEO also getting its Chassis cleaned
Metroline DP1003 RX51 FNY
Ex Metroline LR52 KWN sits outside the CELF Centre awaiting to go back to Dawson's Rentals in Milton Keynes
Freshly delivered Metroline DE1135 LK10 BZB
Ex Metroline TP378 LR52 KWW stands outside of Metroline's CELF Centre
Unidentified Edgware Bus Garage (EW) allocated TE
Ex Metroline TP370 LR52 KWW


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