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Arriva London Stamford Hill Garage [SF]...New HVs for the 73

Today I visited Arriva London's Stamford Hill Garage located just south of Tottenham in North London. This is one of two garages that has been speculated for closure by Arriva London as they try to cut down on their yearly budgets. However the reason I visited the Garage was due to the fact I gained some information that some HVs for the Route 73 had been delivered early.

The HVs are powered by the highly reliable and durable Volvo B5LH 5 liter Engine with hybrid electric technology. There are in fact 20 of these vehicles allocated to the Route 73 for the contract starting in October this year, numbered between HV27 - 46 they are the third batch of HVs that have been bought by Arriva. They feature gold advert frames a restyled rear end and Powerblinds as standard. I may add that these are possibly the most reliable Hybrid vehicles in London and are well worth their £330,000 price tag. With Go Ahead London set to get 16 of these vehicles early next year, lets hope Metroline follow suit.

More Photos Below:
Arriva London HV30 LJ11 EFW

Arriva London HV32 rear nearside
Arriva London HVs lined up Stamford Hill Garage
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Latest Buses at the Trim... June 20th 2011

Go Ahead London PVL272 PN02 XBW
Metroline VP319 LR52 BLV
Go Ahead SO2 BV55 UCU
Go Ahead London WVL149 LX53 BJK

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Metroline CELF Center Part 21

I finished my College course for the year and decided that I might as well visit CELF Center again to see if anything new is happening. Now to your left you will see a picture of VW1177 LK11 CXM which is part of the batch for the Route 105 which the company will take over in July. A keen eye is not even needed to see that this Bus is blinded for the 297. However it won't be long  until these VWs become a regular occurrence on this route due to the fact that Metroline have placed an order for 12 VWs for Perivale West Garage to standardize the Bus types at the Garage.

VW1177 LK11 CXM

The remaining TEs (897,898,899,900,901,902,903,904,905,906,907 and 908) will all be sent to Cricklewood (W) to oust the remaining T and V reg TAs which will then go to Engisnbus of Thurrock. Minor news suggested that Metroline may in fact go for the MCV D103LE or the Optare Olympus next year if contracts are retained. Both bodies will be on the Volvo B9TL Chassis.

Metroline TPL264 LN51 KYY
Metroline VW1186 LK11 CXV
Metroline TEH1110
Metroline TE889 LK08 NVD
Metroline VW1176 LK11 CXL
Metroline VW1180 LK11 CXP and
VV1189 LK11 CXZ
Metroline VW1183 LK11 CXT             
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Go Ahead have gone red....The First Ever Red Go Ahead London Vehicle

Go Ahead London PVL302 PJ02 RFX can proudly take the title of the first ever Go Ahead London Bus to go all-over red!

Its been a long time coming now and from May 2009 when Metroline dropped their White and Blue skirt, Go Ahead London were the only company to have their skirt, which I have to say looks quite awful. Now the time is drawing closer to the Olympics almost every firm in London is trying to make a good reputation for themselves, this is the same for London Bus Industry. I was told this back in March but all London operators from October 2011, all London Buses have to be 100% red. So now Go Ahead London face a race against time to ensure that every Bus in their London fleet is 100% red before January 2012. I must congratulate Go Ahead for hanging on that long but a rule is a rule. Comments welcomed.
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Metroline CELF Center Part 20...New VWs for the Route 105

Last week Saturday we took a trip to Metroline's CELF Center but did not want to upload any shots due to the fact we wanted to keep the MCV B9TL as the main attraction on the Blog.

VW1175 LK11 CXJ and VW1182 LK11 CXS

Last week Saturday we took a trip to Metroline's CELF Center but did not want to upload any shots due to the fact we wanted to keep the MCV B9TL as the main attraction on the Blog. When we arrived we noticed about 8 VWs all of which have been delivered early for the Route 105 which was won of First in April. The Route will operate using some VWs from their Perivale West Garage which is located just around the corner from the center. When the contract for the 105 was announced it was thought that some TEs will be bought for the Route due to the fact that there are already some at West Perivale where it will operate from, but knowing Metroline they had to something out of the ordinary and bring in a third Chassis to Perivale West! However you can't really blame them.the Volvo B9TL chassis is just simply amazing and far superior in quality to its rival the Trident. More of these VWs are expected in September when Metroline take up the Route 79 from First however they will operate alongside the Route 7 from Perivale East Garage. Interestingly these models weight 12,350 KGS!

More Photos Below:

VW1184 LK11 CXU and VW1180 LK11 CXP

Metroline VW1179 LK11 CXD

Metroline SEL804 LK57 KBE

Metroline VW1178 LK11 CXN

Metroline VW1181 LK11 CXR

Metroline DLD130 V130 GBY

Metroline VP528 LK04 CTV

Metroline DLD207 LN51 KXO

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