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Metroline VWs stray away

Thanks to this excellent shot by Peter Horrex, we now have pictorial evidence that the new VWs for Holloway routes 43 and 134 have started to stray onto other routes at the garage after many reports confirming this over the last few weeks.

Metroline VW1255 LK12 ADX on the 390
The new VWs are part of a batch of 79 Buses for the garage following the company's retention of routes; 4, 43, 134 and W7. The VWs have been split into four sub-batches that go as followed; VW1244 - 1256 for Flagship route 43, VW1257 - 1288 for the Route 134 and a further two batches of, one being 18 buses for the W7 due in August. The garage could potentially recieve a further 29 of the class the re-gaining of the Route 24 from Go Ahead London General which will take effect on the 10th of November 2012. I have to admit the VWs are a classy type of vehicle that I actually wouldn't mind seeing in London's Streets especially in this hot whether as their state of the art air ventilation systems are second to none. Not to mention the stunning paintwork and great colour contrasting interior. I am sincerely a fan of VWs! 
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Latest Buses at the Trim...9th of May 2012

Metroline VPL631 LK54 FWL is seen here at the Hant's Dorset Workshop in Eastleigh after a  repaint. This Bus is part of a batch of 9 vehicles numbered between 629 and 637 that were specifically delivered for the Route 134 in 2005. Since the retention of the Route 134 with 32 new vehicles, these vehicles are now surplus to requirements and will now be used on the Olympic contracts for which Metroline have been allocated 91 Buses.
London United SLE8 YN55 NHB is seen at the Hant's Dorset Workshop after a much needed paint job as it prepares for another 5 year stint on the Route 267 which was successfully retained by London United from their Fulwell Garage. 
Ex Arriva London PDL60 LJ51 DCF is seen insdie the Hant's Dorset Trim paintshop after a repaint, refurbishment and trim following its withdrawal from the Arriva London fleet after its duties were relieved on the Route 462 which respectively transferred to Go Ahead Blue Triangle. 

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Metroline CELF Centre Part 36...New DEs for the 46!

Thanks to a nice tip off from Ian Rivett early this morning, I went down to CELF today to get pictures of the long awaited DEs for the 46 of which there which were 8 present today. The buses were ordered by the company following their retention the route by Metroline in 2011. Although to be originally used on the Olympic contract for which Metroline have been allocated 91 Buses, they will commence service on the route in September of this year.

The new DEs are part of a batch of 19 vehicles that were ordered by the company in the third quartile of 2011 and have been assigned the bonnet numbers DE1318 - 1338, following on from their bigger E400 variants which are due to be delivered for the Route 113 later on this year, they have been allocated bonnet numbers TE1307 - 1317.

Those who remembered my visit from a fortnight ago will note that I was in a rush to gain the pictures of these vehicles due to the fact, unlike all other new vehicles to pass through this facility. Their stay here will be very limited as they will be moved to a storage facility to preserve their 'freshness' for their Olympic duties in June. Interestingly they are the first Metroline E200s or E20Ds as they are now called, to be built to this new E.C.W.T.A specification, which in short sees the add-on of many features such a toughened structure, a slightly longer chassis to improve ride quality, a bigger wheelchair area and the more noticeable exterior sidelights on the offside and the nearside of the body. Below is a nearside shot of DE1320 LK12 AWY which still retains its Air conditioning unit, however these vehicles still manage to be lighter than their 11 reg weighing 7674kgs whereas their sisters at Kings Cross Garage and Perivale West Garage weigh 7900kgs.

Metroline DE1320 LK12 AWY at CELF Centre

Below is are two shots of  the interior of Metroline's whole type approval E20Ds. Note how there is a difference in the shade of blue used in these vehicles caused by the absence of the colour on the walls and roof unlike previous models for the company.

The interior showing the front.
The interior showing the rear
Our strange visitor to the centre today came in the form of a First London Gemini bodied B7TL VNW32391 LK04 HZZ which is currently allocated to Atlas Road Garage for Routes 28/31 and 328. The bus made the short trip from its depot in order to get its chassis cleaned prior to re-entering public service again.

First Centrewest VNW32391 LK04 HZZ is seen here at CELF Centre for a routine chassis clean (note the rhyme) before entering public service again.

Other than the DEs today, there were other interesting things to note such as the ongoing re-delivery of the 05 plate TAs for the Olympics following their refurbishment by Hants & Dorset Trim. Although most to pass through this centre are now in storage there still are a few lingering about. More shots from the day are below. 

A logo-less Metroline MM784 LK07 EYE is seen at CELF Centre awaiting some attention by the engineers. The nearby Perivale East based bus was originally purchased for the Route 251 back in April 2007, however in 2009 these were moved to the Route 232 following their suitability to dual carriage way operation, this move saw the 251 gain new Enviro 200s.

Two Metroline Olympic buses stand side by side at CELF Centre both devoid of logos.  The bus to the left TA642 has just finished its duties on the Route 266 and the bus to the right 1325 is just about to start life on the Route 46.

Metroline VP524 LK04 CSZ is seen here at CELF Centre for a check up. This is part of a batch of vehicles that are in the process of refurbishment following the company's successful sententious of Routes 6 and 98 which run from Willesden Garage.

Metroline TE828 LK57 AXT is seen at CELF Centre. This is part of a batch of  TEs that were purchased for the Route 332 in 2007and uniquely feature two rear fleetcodes. 

The offside of Metroline DE1321 LK12 AWZ

The offside rear of DE1319 LK12 AWX

The nearside rear of VW1271 LK12 AHC
 Key things to note at CELF Centre today

  • 8x DEs for the Route 46
  • 10x VWs for Holloway Garage
  • 3x TAs for the Olympic contracts
  • 2x Scania Citylink Coaches
  • 1x First London VNW
  • 2x MMs
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