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Metroline CELF Center Part 18

After being out and about for the best part of the day I decided I'd make use of the sun while it lasted so I visited Metroline's CELF Centre which is Metroline's central maintenance facility

This visit proved to be one of the better visits as I did receive some news on new vehicle orders and allocations. As most of us know, Metroline have won the 105 from First Centrewest, the Route is due to operate from PA. It was initially thought that Metroline would order TEs (Enviro 400s) to keep the chassis at PA strictly Trident and Scania. However Metroline ordered 18 VWs ( Volvo Wright Gemini 2s) for the Route. Their numbers will be VW1175 - 1192. The Route 274 contract was also retained by the company using the standard DEs (Dennis Enviro 200s) their numbers will be DE1156 - 1174 and the Route 209 which was recently retained will also be getting Enviro 200s, their numbers will be DE1152 - 1155, the surplus DEs from the 251 will make up the rest of the allocation.

Metroline DE1150 LK10 BZT

Metroline TP422 LK03CFY

Metroline DP37 W137 WGT

Metroline TE891 LK08 NVF

Metroline TP42 T142 CLO

Metroline DE955 LK58 CTE

Metroline DE1145 LK10 BZN

Metroline TP427 LK03 CGU

Metroline DE1136 LK10 BZC
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London United Tolworth Garage...Just the one shot.

Only a few of you will know that last month I visited London United's Tolworth Garage however I only did manage to get one shot due to fact there were only about 7 vehicles in the compound so I did not feel the need to take more pictures and record this in a blog entry. However due to requests I decided to upload the 'one' shot of this Garage. I am not going to include any Garage information as I am planning to visit the garage once the London United Logos are added to their Buses. This visit will include the photos and relevant Garage information. 
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Latest Buses at the Trim... March 18th 2011

Metroline VP345 LR52 BOU
Ex Arriva London MA109 BX55 FVK
London Central PVL304 PJ02 RFZ
London General E7 SN06 BNK

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Latest Buses at the Trim... March 9th 2011

Arriva 6034 YJ55 WOU
London General E4 SN06 BNE
London Central PVL386 PJ53 NLC
Metroline VP335 LR52 BNN
Arriva VLW199 LJ53 BFF

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Latest Buses at the Trim... March 5th 2011

Metroline VP321 LR52 BLZ

Arriva Shires 6034 YJ55 WOU

London United RATP TA224 SN51 SZT

London Central PVL303 PJ02 RFY

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