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Friday, 8 February 2013

London United Fulwell Garage [FW]

Today hosted a visit to London United's Headquarters’, Fulwell, located just west of Twickenham. It has been a visit that we have been wanting to do for a long time, but it was certainly worth the wait!

 TA341, SP60 & DPS667 rest on the Fulwell Forecourt

The Garage was originally built as a tram depot for London United Tramways around the start of the 1900's. The company had just acquired a 99 year lease on the land that was completed just shy of summer 1903. The primary purpose of the garage was to provide a base for the new tram routes operating in the Hampton Court area.

The main shed area of Fulwell tram depot housed 20 tracks albeit it was never used to its full capacity. In the early 1930's, London's first trolleybuses’ moved into the depot alongside the trams. The trams had all left Fulwell garage by 1935. Fulwell became London Transport’s main trolleybus works due to the large amount of space that was available on the site. Due to the space present, it became one of the last two depots to convert to Motor Buses. The garage was fully converted on 9 May 1962. During 1986 and 1987, the garage underwent a huge redevelopment and the depot was left open throughout. Instead of being split in the middle length ways, it was changes to a width way split.

Bring things forward 26 years to the present day, the garage remains spilt in two section. The Wellington Road end runs London United bus services whilst the Stanley Road end runs Abellio London bus services. The Stanley Road end of the depot is owned by TFL and leased to Abellio London which explains why Route 33 and N22 can stand there as many often wonder. London United run routes 65, 71, 110, 131, 216, 267, 281, 371, 671, 681 & 691. The garage also houses the private hire buses although it was recently announced that Twickenham garage is set to close as a service garage and the private hire buses would move to Twickenham to allow Route 33 to transfer to FW garage.

Recently, Fulwell garage has seen a lot of vehicle movement, with many of the older VAs and early TLAs transferring over from Shepherd's Bush Garage. In addition to this many of former Route 27 SLEs are being refurbished and dispatched here to displace the SLEs on the 267 that are going off lease.The current future of the VA's at Fulwell garage is unknown, but TLA3 and TLA4 are set to stay at the garage long term.

More photos from the visit can be viewed below

 Fuel Bay
 Running Plates
 Fuelling Equipment
 Bus Wash
 RATP Coaches HF53OBG & HF53OBH
 ER880, WLT880 & B178WUL
 SLE49 with new blinds fitted
 Pit area
 The pit area hidden away
 General yard shot
 SLE53 showing a new blindset featuring new destination "Brentford, Watermans Centre"
 New Route number 661 blind previously not included
   New Route number 881 blind previously not included
 DE29, YX09HJZ in the shed
 Forecourt line up shot
 Private hire DP1, S301MKH & DP11, S311MKH
 Peak school buses, VA8, SLE59 & VA49
 SP54 laying over on the Forecourt
 Building shape still shows its previous history 
 General shed overview
 SP27, YN08DHO & SLE47, YN55NKS
  General shed overview
 Roof shot
 TA345 having a steam clean
 TA343 on one of the lifts
Engineering bay
 New 267 blind with only 1 via point now


at: Sunday, February 17, 2013 7:51:00 pm said...

I am shocked to see a metrobus thers and the coaches. Y don't they repaint er880 back in london united livery

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