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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Metroline Brentford Garage [AH] 5th February 2013

Today hosted a revisit to Metroline's Brentford Gargae. The last time the blog covered AH was back on the 3rd September 2010 when Jamaal took a trip to the garage and the VW's were just entering service!

DP37, W137WGT

Metroline's Brentford Garage is home to routes 190, 209, 237 609, E2 & E8. The garage was opened by Armchair Transport running coach services however, in the early 90's, Armchair Transport won there first bus route and used Brentford to run the buses for the recently won Route 260 contract. Armchair was acquired by ComfortDelgro (Metroline's parent company) in 2005 although buses still used the Armchair name until mid 2007. Since Jamaal's last visit, Brentford unfortunately lost the contracts for Route 117 and 635 to Abellio and London United respectively.

During the Olympics, Route 190 was converted to double deck operation using a range of TP's from multiple garages including HT and PB. During this time, the DE's moved to KC garage but this was short lived as the buses recently returned to AH garage. Route 209 saw regular DM's whilst the E2/8 shared the remaining TP's/VW's. Anyone who knows me well will know that I am a TP man so the additional TP's were openly welcomed by me!

Today at the garage, there was lots to be seen including a range of TP's that are currently being stored at the garage amongst the usual DE's, OTH's and VW's. Pictures from my visit today can be seen below. A huge thanks must go out to the two managers at Metroline involved in the organising of this garage. As usual, your help is extremely appreciated.

VW1051 and VW1071 waiting to start there next trip on the E2 to Greenford
Fueling facility
Fueling facility
Potters Bar TP451, LK03GHU
Trainer DLD204, LN51KXK
TP411, LK03CFE
TP406, 416 and 424
VW1041, OTH974 and TP412
DM968 on the pits having some work done to the rear doors
OTH971 & TP419
Trainers MM774 and MM777
Trainer DLD198
Line up shot
The Bus Wash
General yard shot
General yard shot

I hope you enjoyed the post!


at: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 7:14:00 pm said...

Really good post guys! Keep it up! It's a shame that the MM's have to lose roughly 10 years worth of life. :(

MetrolineJack2013 says:
at: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 7:42:00 pm said...

Nice Work than AOLBB crap lot !

Diogo says:
at: Thursday, February 07, 2013 5:44:00 pm said...

Brentford looks rather dead :/. It's a real shame.

at: Friday, February 08, 2013 2:10:00 am said...

I see some of the ex ht tps have moved to here now shame rele. They are not bad and they should move the mms to kc

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