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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Metroline CELF Centre Part 39...New TEs for the 82

As we get ready to bid farewell to another classic type of vehicles, we get ready to intake the introduction of another new type of vehicle, in the form of yes you guessed it E400s! This time it is the route 82s time to be converted to the type. From March of this year the Route 82 will gain a batch of 28 E400s for a contract that actually commenced in March 2012, however the delivery was held back due to the manufacturers being pushed to capacity to build hundreds of new vehicles in time for the Olympic Games.

The Route was subject to much speculation as it was announced that Metroline are due to take on the further delivery of 24 unallocated as yet E400 Hybrids, so it was suggested that these may end up at PB for the route 82 as it is after all  a heavily congested route. However loyal COL Blog readers may remember Jack's Potters Bar Post from December 2011, it was confirmed by a manager that the route would be getting a new batch Euro5 TEs and well here they are. The new TEs are part of a batch of 28 vehicles numbered between TE1420 and 1447, which are Metroline's second batch of WTA E400s, seconded by their Cricklewood based sisters TE1307 - 1317. At present there are three vehicles are at the centre, these are TE1420/1421 and 1422.

Metroline TE1420 LK62 DXM at CELF Centre, a batch of vehicles destined for the Route 82.
The rear of TE1422 LK62 DXS at CELF Centre

The vehicles are over a month early and will be phased into service as soon as they start arriving at PB, this owes to the fact, the TE1309 from W was taken to PB to type train drivers on the new dashboard for new E400s. When drafted into service later this month, they will release the TPLs on the route which have soldiered up and down the Finchley Road corridor for over 10 years. I don't normally get sentimental over a 'box on wheels' but I will really miss the TPLs, they are some of my favourite vehicles in London, probably due to the scream which is emitted from that 3 Speed Voith gearbox and the mixture of the Euro3 Cumins Engine. It saddens me to see 10 year old buses being drafted out of London service as with a bit of care these vehicles could easily soldiered on for a further 5 years. I know Peter Horrex would most certainly be sad at the departure of these vehicles too. However it must be said that have in fact served their time in London and they were not exactly the most reliable of vehicles.

Although Identical to their sister vehicles at W, there is one minor change and that is within the sidelights, these have rectangular sidelights as opposed to the Oval sidelights. Apart from the TEs here, there was not much here to see here apart from a few VWs and VWHs for Willesden Garage which are awaiting commissioning. However upon my commute away from the Centre, I did go past PV which I will be visiting next and I noticed a multitude of stored VWHs,VWs, VPLs, TPs and one TA. Thank you for reading this post, please be sure to comment and rate below. More pictures from the visit can be seen below.

Metroline VWH1415 LK62 DWU

Metroline TE1420 LK62 DXM

Metroline TE1420 LK62 DXM

Metroline TE1420 LK62 DXM

Things to Note today
  • More VWs and WVHs for Willesden Garage
  • 3 new TEs for the Route 82


at: Friday, July 12, 2013 6:11:00 pm said...

I think that the new E400s are good for th 82 because in summer it is very hot but because the new 82 has air condishing the buses will be coller

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