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Friday, 29 March 2013

Odd Observation

Arriva Kent Thameside Dart, 3301 Y301 TKJ is seen here at South Harrow Bus Station while it pauses and awaits the next duty to Watford Junction.

Arriva 3301 Y301 TKJ seen at South Harrow Bus Station. Photo © Lewis JN
Single Decks are not uncommon on the Route 258, in fact, prior to the introduction of Trident Presidents on the route back in 1999, the allocation was actually made up of some Burges Reeves step entrance darts. Since the Arriva take over in 2006, single deck appearances have become the norm so to speak, with may Optare Solos and Cadets making cameo appearances from time to time. However it was a shocker when my mate Lewis JN, who owns this photo, captured this bus as it made a rather uncanny appearance on the 258.

The 10.7m Dart is part of a batch of vehicles that have been left surplus to London operations since Metrobus took over the 126 from Arriva, the vehicle is currently on refurbishment cover for Cadet 3704 YJ06 LFE which is being prepared for the 268 contract which commences in the summer. 


LondonBuses72 says:
at: Friday, March 29, 2013 12:27:00 pm said...

Lewis - Fantastic photo! If there's one photo I want from ASE, it's probably a DD on H18/9 - I have seen that before, one of 258's Pulsars on H18 (I think it was H18). Very rare, though.

at: Sunday, March 31, 2013 10:19:00 pm said...

Fellow AKT friend 3299 (Y299 TKJ) is also at Garston and has been making appearances over the last week on routes 288, 303 & 305 with a smaller route destination blind at the front and back, as well as makeshift ones at the side. Also worth looking out for ex Arriva London Cadet LJ03MUW on the Garston LB routes too...

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