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Monday, 1 April 2013

Wrightbus Factory Watch Part 4

April fools, presented us with no joke at all. When my mate Paul McClurkin from Ireland said he would be repeating visits to Wrightbus's factory for my enjoyment, I was very much overwhelmed by his generosity. However I was even more surprised when I was presented with these photos of Wrightbus on April fools!

The above picture shows four complete LTs or NB4Ls if you like and part of a fifth bus. The 5 vehicles are part of a batch of 32 vehicles for the Route 24/N24 due to be introduced in June 2013 on the route. The introduction of these vehicles will see the displacement of the VWs and VWHs currently operating on the route shifted to the Route 91 and 4 respectively. The VWs numbered between VW1365 & 1388 will transfer to the Route 91 and the VWHs numbered between VWH1360 & 1364 will transfer onto the Route 4.

The current TEs operating on the Route 91, numbered TE909 - 914 & 920 - 934 to transfer to PB along with another with a few vehicles from the batch TE897 - 908 to transfer to PB (Potters Bar Garage) for the Route 217 and W8 which will help oust the TPs currently operating on those route to other duties.

LT1 LT61 AHT is also pictured here, presumably for said modification work. This is one of the 8 original prototypes for initially introduced on the Route 38 in January 2012....The start of a horrid transition!

Arriva London DW571 LJ13 CKO
One of Arriva's new DB300 for Enfield Garage is seen in the forecourt prior to exportation to mainland England.

A line up of Arriva London Geminis

Credit goes out to the photographer, Paul McClurkin who is the author of the photos. They must not be reproduced anywhere else without prior permission!


james balchin
at: Monday, April 01, 2013 8:56:00 pm said...

Shame metroline can't give me a job on nbfl passed the interview and tests and still didn't get on them

Tom says:
at: Tuesday, April 02, 2013 2:24:00 pm said...

Yay! The HV's for the 29 are here at long last!

at: Tuesday, April 02, 2013 9:24:00 pm said...

i cant wait to see more of the borrismasters about

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