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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wrightbus Factory Watch Part 2

As promised, here are more shots from our new series entitled 'Wrightbus Factory Watch' made possible by our mate Paul McClurkin in Ireland.

I was informed by him that there is an array of buses that can be seen on site all year around, including some prototype buses or buses undergoing maintenance, mechanical work or warranty work. This directly ties in with the 'picture' above which shows a Wright Gemini2 DB300 (DL) WNH39004 LK58 ECY which is owned by First London and operated from their Westbourne Park Garage parked up inside the compound. A keen eye can also see a London spec Gemini in the background, the vehicle's identity is London General's WHD1 LX58 CWJ which is allocated to the company's Stockwell Garage, it is also here for similar modifications.

The reason for the vehicle being here was to have conversion work done to it, which now includes a new Euro6 engine and an extended wheelbase to accommodate this engine, the final length of the vehicle is 10.7m. Similar to this, Arriva London's DW411 LJ11 AEB has had this work done to it also.

NB4L Borrismasters 
NB4L Borrismasters 
NB4L Borrismaster and Streetlite

NB4L Borrismaster side view

The above pictures show of of a dozen new NB4L Borrismasters in what looks like their final stages of production, prior to being delivered to Metroline for their duties on the Route 24. Some have arrived early ahead of their proposed April 2013 delivery date. The third shot shows an incomplete Go Ahead London Streetlite which is due to be allocated to their Northumberland Park base for their recently won Route 491 to the hands of Arriva.

Arriva London DW520 LJ13 CME
Arriva London's DW520 LJ13 CME can be seen through the fence, albeit devoid of any company logos but with a 'Buses' roundel applied to it. This will form a batch of 18 vehicles due to delivered to Ash Grove for their recently won Route 106 to the hands of Stagecoach.

Another shot of shows a completed First London WNH39004 LK58 ECY devoid of it's TFL 'Green Leaves' Livery as it prepares to be signed off before completing that long journey back Westbourne Park Garage in Ladbroke Grove.

We thank you for reading this post and we hope you have enjoyed its content. Be sure to rate and comment below and don't forget to look out for more posts in this series. 


LondonBuses72 says:
at: Sunday, March 03, 2013 7:06:00 pm said...

I love these series! Great Post and thanks Paul!

LDNBusEnthusiastJack says:
at: Sunday, March 03, 2013 7:38:00 pm said...

A very interesting post, I would like the 168 to get HV's as the DW's in Paul's pic suite the route and I would like to see the old Green Leaves logo removed to the latest Hybrid logo. Ever all a very nice post and thanks to Paul for this! :)

Tube101 says:
at: Monday, March 04, 2013 8:07:00 pm said...

Really enjoying these pots. Where will the 106 230. & 67 being from with Arriva and will all routes be getting DW? Would of liked to of seen the 230 & 67 get Enviro400 but DW's will suit the 106 & 67 to but not so much the 230 though.

at: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 12:08:00 am said...

I would love to know if the Production NBFLs will be different in any way to the eight prototypes?

Anyone know?

at: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 1:48:00 pm said...

106 from Ash Grove, 230 from Tottenham, 67 from Tottenham with reliefs at possible at Stamford Hill.
The 230 can get Enviro400 odd workings as there are some at leyton on the 275, but none have not ventured onto other routes yet.

Tube101 says:
at: Wednesday, March 06, 2013 7:22:00 am said...

That's disappointing was hoping the 230 & 67 would come from Wood Green, to avoid crew changes disturbing the bus journey. Also it now means Forest Road will become "Arriva Road" between Bream Close and Blackhorse Road served only by Arriva London

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