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Friday, 9 September 2011

Metroline CELF Centre Part 27

Today SP80 YT59 RYF did the honours of being the London Sovereign vehicle here for MOT. The vehicle originates from London Sovereign's Edgware Garage (BT) which is ironically shared with Metroline.

London Sovereign SP80 YT59 RYF

Still at the centre today were the Citylink Scania Irizars, which appear to be here for MOT work as well, but who knows...leave that to the professionals. VW1202 and 1203 were on the forecourt, with the new '61' plate registrations. The registrations go as followed. VW1202 is LK61 BJE, VW1203 is LK61 BJF and VW1204 is LK61 BJJ. DLD206 is also on the forecourt awaiting passenger service conversion so it can enter service on the 70 along with sister vehicles. DLD199 and DLD207. TP49 is fire damaged and will not be re-entering service and it remains in a decommissioned state.TP433 is in the finishing stages of its refurbishment following fire damage. Other than that there was nothing else to see here today. But many thanks to the Metroline CELF Centre staff for allowing me and trusting me on their premises! More photos from the visit are below.

Metroline VW1203 LK61 BJF
Metroline DLD206 LN51 KXM,
TE682 LK55 KXR  and
VW1202 LK61 BJE
Metroline TP29 T129 KLD
Metroline TP29 T129 KLD
London Sovereign SP80 YT59 RYF
Metroline VW1200 LK11 CYU
Metroline TE1076 LK60 AEX
Metroline VW1072 LK60 AEW
Metroline VP484 LK03 GMF
Metroline VPL600 LK04 NNJ
Metroline VP473 LK03 GKU
Metroline DLD706 LK55 KME
Metroline TP433 LK03 GFZ
Metroline VW1202 LK61 BJE and VW1203 LK61 BJF
CELF Centre Left Wall
Metroline VWs at Perivale West Garage
Metroline VW1204 LK61 BJJ


at: Friday, September 09, 2011 10:05:00 pm said...

Whoever thinks this is boring it isn't these pics are really good!!!!

at: Sunday, November 20, 2011 4:27:00 am said...

route 90 is moving to Perivale West Garage, but which vehicles using in this garage on route 90? Is is MM or DLD?

at: Sunday, May 18, 2014 8:01:00 am said...

DLD199 is now with London Sovereign

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