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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Abellio London Fulwell Garage [TF]...New E200s for the 117

Abelllio London's Fulwell Garage was the place to be for myself and new Blog member, Tyreece as we gained word that 9 of the 10 E200s for the 117 had been delivered, now its not often I go to an Abellio London Garage so when I do go to one, expect something very special to be there. Thinking that they would be any old E200s we did not go there anticipating anything great, however when we actually arrived on the premises courtesy of the Abellio London staff, we were in for quite a nice surprise!

Abellio London E200 8575 YX11 HOA

All nine E200s had been delivered to the premises and as the picture above shows, they were built to quite a unique specification, in fact they are the first Alexander-Dennis E200s to gain whole type approval status. This means that the Buses now have exterior lights all throughout the bus but to save weight have lost the offside rear exit door. However in this attempt to save weight they still weigh 7,927KGS! They have a new rear Bumper design similar to Arriva's new B5LH Wright Gemini2s as well as a very refreshing interior design. I must say these are some of the finest E200s I have ever set my eyes upon. These new E200s are set to take to the road on the recently won 117 from Metroline on the 3rd Of September 2011. If this is the way forward for the E200, then I'm looking forward to seeing more of these vehicles on the road! Credit to the Abellio London staff for allowing me on the premises. More photos from the visit are placed below.

Abellio 8568 YX11 HPC
Abellio 8569 offside 

Abellio 8569 Interior 
Abellio 8569 Interior 
Abellio 8569 Interior 
Abellio 8570 nearside


Dan says:
at: Thursday, September 01, 2011 10:00:00 pm said...

wow, those have to be the nicest enviro 200s ever! they seem to also have scrapped the enviro 200 wording on the back

at: Friday, September 02, 2011 4:26:00 pm said...

These buses are really ugly and it looks like they have been trampled on. I just wonder if they have the same E200Dart Engine

Rohan says:
at: Friday, September 02, 2011 9:05:00 pm said...

Yes they do have the same Enviro 200 engine rated at 140bhp which I think is rather stupid seeing as this bus in nearly 8 tonnes unladen.

Personaly I would have them at 185bhp or atleast 160bhp.

I mean the new streetlite uses the same engine yet wrightbus do not include the pathetic 140bhp version only 160 or 185bhp with the 4.5ltr 4 pot engine or 6.7ltr 6 pot 225 or 250bhp.

at: Saturday, September 03, 2011 12:50:00 am said...

im loving the new cab design and ibus screen curvy bits, and also loving the new layout of the windows.etc. Only thing i would change is the rear bumper with the new groove in it. It only looks good on the streetlight and gemini 2 hybrids, it just doesnt suit this vehicle but loving the rest of the bus 100%!

at: Thursday, July 19, 2012 11:50:00 am said...

why is route U7 on their blind when U7 is from Hayes (WS) garage

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