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Monday, 10 January 2011

Latest Buses at the Trim...January 10th 2011

Thanks to Eddie, more commonly known as 'eastleighbusman' we can from time to time now host pictures of Hants Dorset Trim in Eastleigh, we sound out a huge thanks as funds are not always available for us to go down south and take pictures of the Trim. So Eddie has agreed to allow us to use all his photographs of the Hants Dorset Trim. The photos will be of London Bus only as that is our main focus but there may be the odd rareity from the provinces if we feel the need to upload it.For this section we cannot guarantee  that it will always be updated, however when it is updated, there will always be excellent photos, so enjoy it while you can!
WVL13 LG02 KHL and WVL12 LG02 KHK


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