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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Metroline CELF Centre Part 13

VW1070 LK60AEU standing at the Metroline CELF Centre awaiting commissioning into service. It's been a month since I last visited this place and there is still nothing too extraordinary to see here. 

With about 25 TPs departing to Dawson's Rentals CELF remains pretty empty these days apart from the weekly VW deliveries from Wrightbus of Ballymena, Ireland. Among the Buses decommissioned was TP305, the former PV Bus is awaiting the removal of it's IBUS screens. WNW32350 of ON (Alperton) was a strange visitor to workshop today. It was getting it's M.O.T done. This Bus was closely follwed by a First London engineering van. Apologies for the poor picture quality, the shots were uncharacteristically taken with my 3.2mp Camera phone.

More Photos Below 

First London VNW32350 and TP23 at CELF Centre

First London VNW32350 leaving the CELF Centre

VNW32350 leaving the CELF Centre

The rear of VW1070

Ex Metroline TP379 LR52KXH in the firing line

Metroline TPL245 LN51KXZ at CELF Centre

DA152 T152AUA at CELF Centre


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