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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Metroline CELF Centre Part 14

TE889 LK08 NVD paid a visit to Metroline CELF Centre today. Strangely pictured with its light clusters off, its is probably here for warranty work to ensure the bus is in good working order.The bus is part of a batch of  TEs numbered between TE878 - 890 that were initially ordered for Route 460 in 2008, however they were diverted to Cricklewood for fuel consumption trials against the 57 Plate TEs and the TEHs that had just been delivered at the time. The Route 460 ended up getting 51 Plate TPLs instead.

These shots were actually taken in August 2010, but I only uploaded them in October 2010 due to the fact at the time of me capturing them, I didn't see much point in uploading just 5 shots in a post. This is made more evident by the caption directly below which shows a freshly delivered Metroline Enviro 200 which has just been released from ADL for uptake on Routes 143 and C11. I have to add that the sunlight conditions on that day made it a perfect day for photography, so enjoy the shots below.

Metroline DE1142 LK10BZJ
Metroline TP8 T108KLD
DE1001 LK09EOC
Metroline TPL279 LR02BBO


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