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Monday, 14 June 2010

Metroline Perivale East....[PV] New Metroline DEs

Today by special request I visited Perivale East Garage (PV) to view and take photos of the new Metroline DEs for the newly retained C11 and 143 Contracts that start in August. 

The new Buses are part of a 37 strong batch numbered between DE1115 and 1151, these are the second batch of Metroline buses to gain powerblinds  and it seems to be generating into a standard practise by the company. The routes are set to operate from PA (Perivale West) Garage, which is the former Thorpes base.Strangely Metroline have discontinued the silver rear light clusters on these buses but they do now feature 'honeycomb' LED rear lights. It still remains to be seen whether the new TEs for Cricklewood will have the silver rear light clusters. Another thing to note is, the DEs have been numbered higher than the TEs although they have been delivered all seems to weird for me. Other vehicles in the garage was SEL764 which has now gained a red skirt and tinted windows, it does actually look very neat.Many thanks to the Metroline staff who allowed me on their premises. More pictures from the visit are below.

Metroline DE1128 LK10 BYU
Metroline DE1128 LK10 BYU
Metroline DE1119 LK10 BYJ
Metroline DE1119 LK10 BYJ
Metroline DE1125 LK10 BYR
Metroline DE1115 LK10 BYB
Metroline DE1121 LK10 BYM
Metroline DP14 W114 WGT
Metroline DLD96 S296 JLP


at: Friday, April 27, 2012 5:34:00 pm said...

why pervale east bus garage become a mothballed ?

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