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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Metroline CELF Centre Part 2

It was nice to see some sort of different activity going on at CELF today, as I got to witness DE876 in the middle of a partial repaint. The vehicle is allocated to the Route E6 that was won off Wings Buses in 2007 with shorter 8.9m E200s, however due to an increase in the use of the service, TFL and Metroline decided to give the Route E6 and PVR increase and longer vehicles. I was told that a repaint for a vehicle this size would take just over a week, so I will be back here next week to track the progress of this vehicle.

I was lucky enough to get any decent open air shots of the centre today as the daylight was dimming as the shots below will make evident. There was not much at the Centre to see today which is quite unusual, however there was a freshly repainted DP which came in the form of DP14 W114 WGT which seems quite odd to me given the Bus's age. Not much left here to say other than enjoy the shots!

Metroline TPL246 LN51 KYA 

Does the 460 go to Edgware Road? 
Metroline VP340 LR52 BNY
Metroline DP14 W114WGT freshly repainted

Metroline TP406 declared unfit.
Front shot of Metroline DE876
Rear shot of Metroline DE876
Metroline VW1036 LK10 BXD
Metroline DP38 W138 WGT with DLD blinds.
Metroline VP524 LK04 CSZ
Ex Metroline TP


at: Friday, February 03, 2012 9:53:00 pm said...

I like that picture of TPL 246.... showing half of the old N24 blind.

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