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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Metroline North Wembley Garage [NW]

Today I visited North Wembley Garage (NW). The garage is operated by Metroline. It ceased Route operation in May 2009 and routes 206 and 232 were moved to Perivale (PV) whilst route 251 was moved to Cricklewood (W). 

Ex Metroline TP313 LT02 ZZU

The garage contains an array of TPs displaced from AH, W and HT. It also contains some DLDs displaced from the 302 when it was converted to double deck operation following the company retaining the route just over a month ago. There are also some DAs from Brentford (AH) currently situated in the garage. The Garage was closed due to the fact that it had lost quite a considerable amount of work in the form of Routes; 268,288,303,305,H1,H2 and H3 and keeping this space open meant the company was operating the garage on a loss. 
The garage has now become the company's central storing base with a whole host of vehicles being stored here prior to disposal. In addition to this there are also half a dozen ALX200 Darts which has just been displaced from Brentford Garage (AH).

Metroline DLD97 S297 JLP
Ex Metroline DA146 T146 AUA and DA143 T143 AUA

Metroline DLD87 S287 JLP, DLD94 S294 JLP and
DLD92 S292 JLP

Ex Metroline TP368 LR52 KWK

Ex Metroline TP367 LR52 KWJ and TP373 LR52 KWP

Ex Metroline TP365 LR52 KWG and TP367 LR52 KWJ

Ex Metroline TP370 LR52 KWH and TP365 LR52 KWG

Ex Metroline TP374 LR52 KWS

Ex Metroline TP382 LR52 KXA

Ex Metroline DA140 T140 AUA

Metroline DLD86 S286 JLP

Ex Metroline TP361 LR52 KWC


at: Friday, January 18, 2013 4:57:00 pm said...

Great Post!! Are the TP's on lease or are they Metroline's? And Whats there fleetnumber?

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