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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Metroline CELF Centre..Revisit!

I again visited CELF to see what was Buses were there for maintenance. It is quite a busy place as it recieves a different Bus within the Metroline fleet every two days as part of a compulsory check up. However Metroline Buses are not the only Buses to visit. Alot of First London VNs,VNLs, TNs and TNLs have also visited the centre for maintenance, check-ups and paint jobs as well as panel trimming.

If I'm being totally honest, there was not much to see here today apart from some decommissioned Plaxton Pointers which are due to go to NW any day soon and some decommissioned TPs which are due to go back of lease to Dawson's Rentals. More photos from the visit are placed below.
Metroline TP364 LR52 KWF
Metroline DLF74 W974 TRP and VPL632 LK54 FWM
Metroline VP516 LK04 CRU
Metroline DLF81 KM02 HDK (Rear)
Metroline DLD137 W137 ULR
Metroline TAL129 X329 HLL
Metroline DLF81 KM02 HDK
Metroline TE898 LK08 NVO and DLD706 LK55 KME
Metroline DE866 LK08 DWZ
Metroline DLF103 KU52 YKK 


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