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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Metroline CELF Centre Part 49...New VWHs for Willesden [AC] read that right...Posted by Jack. I am last! Apologies it has been so long. University/Full time work has not left me with enough time to make a worthwhile post.

It has been 4 months since the blogs last visit to CELF, and being in the area, I thought I would do the honors. Whilst its been 4 months since the blogs last visit, it was my first visit to the site since March 2012! Metroline must have know I was on my way as I have never seen the place so empty! Great!

My primary reason for visiting today was to check out the new VWHs for Willesden. VWH2099 and 2105 were present on site today. CELF will always play an important part of the blogs history - it is also the place I had the pleasure of meeting the COL creator himself for the first time! ;)

VWH2105 is one of a batch of  34 (numbered VWH2088 - 2121) Volvo B5LH/Wrightbus Gemini 3's that are currently in the process of being delivered for Routes 6 and 98. Either side of it is Metroline West VW1865 and Brentford's DE1013.

Other pictured from the site can be seen below (which shows how empty it was compared to previous visits!)

 Harrow Weald VP625, LK04UXH

Greenford TE1720, SN09CEA

 Metroline Variety - TE1090,VWH2099 & VPL214

 VWH2043 & TE679 in the chassis cleaning area

 Perivale West DE1609, YX58DWG

MM779, LK07AYL - This bus was in service on the 90 two days ago but is now completely blindless.


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