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Monday, 1 June 2015

London Recap - May 2015

Introduction of new Enviro 200's on Routes G1 and 322.

The start of May saw the introduction of new buses at Plough Lane and Stockwell for the Routes G1 and 322 respectively they where a batch of small Enviro 200's, quite possibly the last standard batch for London, with all future models of the MMC flavour.

SE254 is seen at the Battersea Shaftesbury Estate, this is one of very few turns where buses have to reverse in the road. (Taken on 02/05/15 by Kristian Lake).

SE239 is seen on stand at Clapham Common on the first day of operation of the route following its transfer from Abellio (Taken on 02/05/15 by Kristian Lake)

New Coca-Cola NBFL advert livery
LT167 is seen on Oxford Street on 9th May working on the Route 10 to Kings Cross, this was the first NBFL to receive the advert with a couple more also expected to get similar treatment. If it is anything like last years Coca-Cola advert then get it quickly as it wont be around for long.

New Ensignbus Volvo B9TL's/Gemini 2's
One of the surprises of the month came in the form of four new Volvo B9TL's which where delivered to Ensignbus towards to end of April, this was to allow a similar number of older Trident/ALX400 buses to be disposed of. The new buses came with the Wrightbus Gemini 2 body, are the last of the type to be delivered. Carrying 15 Plates, the vehicles themselves were built iin 2014 under the small type approval scheme which allows manufacturers combined to build up to 250 vehicles of a previous Euro rating and similar models have showed up with Arriva North East as well as Go Ahead North East.

127 (LX15GOK) is seen in Stratford City Bus Station on 9th May while working on a DLR Rail Replacement Service to Canary Wharf, this was one of 26 buses within the Ensignbus fleet to be named after a local Purfleet solider who lost there lives in the Great War, A wonderful tribute to commemorate the centenary of the Great War.

Cross-London Transfers...
May saw a further four ex Stagecoach Trident/ALX400's enter service with Tower Transit at Westbourne Park, these four had been released from Leyton following the conversion of Route 55 to NBFL and join six others already with Tower Transit.
TAL33208 (LX03BTY) ex Stagecoach 17754 is seen at Marble Arch on 9th May while working on the Route 23 to Westbourne Park.

NBFL introduction on Route 73
The introduction of 53 new NBFL's and six transfers from BN began on Thursday 14th May, when the first ten entered service, the whole route is expected to be converted by Saturday 6th June.

LT467 is seen on Oxford Street near Bond Street Station while working on the Route 73 to Victoria. (Taken on 23/05/15 by Kristian Lake)
LT472 became the latest victim of a accident, while on its first day in service it collided with another NBFL on Oxford Street outside Selfridges, causing long delays to all bus services in the area. But thankfully no one was injured and the bus was towed away within an hour. (Taken on 23/05/15 by Kristian Lake)

Route 135 transfer to Go-Ahead
Saturday 23rd May saw the transfer of Route 135 to Go-Ahead operation using E208-223 (transferred from NX thanks to the cascade of WHV's from Q following the introduction of NBFL's on the Route 12, yes I know its complicated) in the interim until the brand new Volvo B5LH/Enviro 400 MMC's (numbered EHV1-13). It is estimated that the first bus will be delivered for commissioning at the turn of the month. It is unlikely to enter service for at least two weeks while it undergoes some testing. So keep you eyes peeled in June for the EHV's.

E211 is seen at Aldgate Station while working on the Route 135 to Old Street, having transferred over from New Cross a few days previous. A couple of buses ventured onto the routes D7, 673 and 474, they are also currently the only buses able to work on the 135. 


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