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Sunday, 3 August 2014

London Recap [July 2014]

Our new once monthly section will recap a few workings from the past month month we start off with the north-west and central area

Metroline [PA] VW1469 BF63 HDG at Ealing Broadway
We start off with VW1469 BF63 HDG which duly entered service on the 297 as anticipated on 1st of August 2014, following a two month abstinence after its delivery over 2 months ago. The vehicle is one of three demonstrator Wright bodied B5TLs that have/are being trialed in London over a 3-6 month period beginning with the Go Ahead model which was delivered in October 2013. The vehicle is set to begin its three month trial period imminently and will be rooted to the 297 as it can easily be run to Perivale, should any problems occur during this period.

Metroline [W] TA655 LK05 GHB on the 112 at Brent Cross
Yes, Metroline West took over the 112 on the 2nd of August 2013, with Metroline Limited Buses from a Metroline garage, in possibly one of the most puzzling tender sagas I've ever encountered. The route was said to be running from Greenford Depot using some TEs while the new DELs awaited their delivery following the ADL factory summer shutdown. However it was decided against this as the Abellio drivers transferring over don't have sufficient enough knowledge on how to operate an E400...The decision was made to use the 6xx TAs which are identical to the ALX400s that would regularly appear on the 112 under Abellio. At present the DEs and TEs at W are being re-blinded for the 112 and I don't see why the DEs can't be use so one does suspect both Metroline and Tfl are using this time to assess whether or not the 112 qualifies for the use of double deck buses.

London Sovereign VH15 BT13 YWJ in Harrow Town Centre
VH15 is an example of how the London Sovereign B5LHs are beginning to stray onto the suburban routes at their Edgware Garage. The vehicles are part of a 24 strong batch that were delivered in July 2013 for the conversion of the 13 from diesel to hybrid operation.

Metroline [HT] TE927 LK58 KGG at Brent Cross
Seen here resting in between duties on the 210 at Brent Cross Shopping Centre is one of 10 TEs that have transferred over from Holloway to Cricklewood to aid the take over of the 112 which is now using the 6xx TAs. At present TE925/926/927/928/929/930/931/932/933 and 934 have been allowed to go over following the transfer of most of the batch VW1205-1216 from PA to HT. More are expected to following in the coming weeks to help aid the conversion to VW operation.

Arriva 3525 LJ51 DDV at Harrow Bus Station
Another loanee to Arriva's Garston Garage comes in the form of former TH operative DWL12 or 3525 in new money. The vehicle displaces E200 3991 which transferred from Dartford after it was relieved of its duties following the loss of the 286 to Go Ahead London.

Metroline [HT] LT190 LTZ1190 
Beautiful livery, horrible bus. Metroline's prototype LT is seen in between duties on the 24 on only its second day in service, the vehicle is one of a few LTs that have been allocated this special livery and Metroline's only EuroVI LT which with test results from the other LTs will act as a testbed for the new NB4Ls.


Courtney Bonnick says:
at: Sunday, August 03, 2014 2:13:00 pm said...

Thank goodness DE weren't used for the 112. The 112 needs double deckers and not single deckers.

Grubby Sa says:
at: Sunday, August 03, 2014 3:09:00 pm said...

Metroline took over route 112 on the 2nd of August not on the 1st of August.

at: Sunday, August 03, 2014 4:44:00 pm said...

That's awesome! A family member of mine transferred from Hayes to Cricklewood with Route 112 as well! How ironic!

Jay says:
at: Sunday, August 03, 2014 7:30:00 pm said...

Will be nice to see how they get along on the route

Courtney Bonnick says:
at: Wednesday, August 06, 2014 5:52:00 pm said...

Metroline West took over the 112 on the 2nd August 2014. Considering the 112 is running from Cricklewood (W) shouldn't it be Metroline took over the 112.

Grubby Sa says:
at: Monday, August 18, 2014 4:59:00 pm said...

The thing I hated about Abellio London operating the 112 was that the drivers never did the full route they would always terminate at Ealing Broadway not Ealing Broadway Station, but now that Metroline are operating the route, the drivers continue to Ealing Broadway Station.

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