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Friday, 18 July 2014

Pictures of the Week [W/E - 13.07.2014]

DE860 - LK08 DWP seen here at Brent Cross Bus Station just having completing its Journey on Route C11 from Archway
Metroline DE860 LK08 DWP seen unloading at Brent Cross
This bus was recently refurbished, featuring the all over red paintwork, noticeably quite different compared prior to refurbishment of double deck Enviros the company operate, but red seems to be the theme. Part of the batch DE859 - DE870 are due a refurbishment for the retained 232 which commences in August 2014.It is expected that a further batch of E200s will be delivered to complete the allocation of the route. The batch were initially delivered to Metroline's West Perivale Garage in the summer of 2008 for the E6 as it was upgraded from its 8.9m DES class vehicles to 10.2m vehicles. In June 2012, they were swapped for MMs from the recently lost 206 as routes 143, 232 (PV), 326 and C11 were transferred to Cricklewood. Similarly DE870 has also been refurbished. 
Metroline DE870 LK08 DXD
Metroline DE870 LK08 DXD


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