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Thursday 17 July 2014

Metroline CELF Centre Part 45...LT190 & Update on VW1469

The last time we visited CELF, VW1469 hadn't entered service, its now July 2014 and VW1469 is now no closer to entering service for pretty much the most funniest of reasons as you'll find out. Since the last visit all of the VWHs for the 7 have now been delivered and the cull of VWs at PA has begun.

Metroline LT190 LTZ1190
After hearing of my recent job success I was in pretty much a good mood, as good as one you get these days, so with the sun beating down on my head I decided to take the short trip to CELF as you do and was presented with LT190, one a few LTs that have been vinyled as such to symbolize the Year Of The Bus.  LT190 LTZ1190 once delivered will be used on the route it is blinded for in the picture above. This and the introduction of LT8 which recently transferred from Arriva London's Ash Grove Garage will all but see off the odd workings on the 390.

Metroline [PA]  VWH2022 LK14 FBZ
Trying something new in terms of my photography, here we have a recently delivered VWH2022 LK14 FBZ sat outside the centre awaiting its commissioning into service on the 7, a further 38 have been ordered for PB routes 34 and 125 however nothing is set in stone as yet and it has been suggested that they will be used on the 82 rather than the said routes.

Metroline [PA] VW1469 BF63 HDG
It does move, just not from the vicinity of the CELF Centre boundaries! The good news is it has begun type training but the not so good news for those who cant be asked to travel to North London to trial sister vehicle VDG1, is that it won't be in service for a while yet, the latest on the vehicle is that the wayfarer that was recently delivered especially for the vehicle could not fit, believe it or not, so the security glass will be have to be modified which will take a while. Once commissioned it will be used on the 297.

"297 to Perivale" - Metroline [PA] VWH2020 LK14 FBX
at CELF albeit devoid of logos. 
Metroline West VW1874 BF60 VJG [WJ] One of the 53 VNs in old money delivered to Willesden Junction for the 18s conversion from Bendy bus to
conventional diesel in November 2010
Metroline [Withdrawn] TP427 LK03 CGF stands outside the centre in a withdrawn state awaiting sale via Ensign Bus, the vehicle continues on the cull of Plaxton bodied Tridents within the Metroline fleet
Withdrawn Presidents in the form of VPL231 LK51 XHB and TP432 LK03 GFY 
Metroline [PA] MM784 LK57 EHU 
Seen resting in between duties, formerly part of a batch of 32 MCV bodied MANs, the number has been reduced to just 8 following a steady withdrawal process that began last year June following the purchase of the 5 First garages. Had things gone slightly differently the VW1243-1248 would have replaced DM961-970 which in turn would have transferred to PA to replace the last of the MMs with the 190 utilising the DEs currently operating on the E8. 

Offside shot of Metroline [HT] LT190 LTZ1190
Metroline [EW] TE889 LK08 NVD having just arrived at the centre
It was around 3:30 by the time I had completed the visit to CELF and with adequate enough daylight and my spirits still high I decided I'd take advantage of Oyster Bus Pass cap and headed over to Enfield (by bus!) to seek a picture of the much sought after DW411 LJ11 AEB....Stay tuned!


COBO says:
at: Friday, August 01, 2014 4:48:00 pm said...

What happened to VPL231?

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