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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Picture Of The Day [9th of January 2014]

A throwback to the naughties instantly symbolises better days with NV14 N414 JBV operating when new on route 51.

London Central NV14 on the 51 © Mark Bowerbank

The photo kindly provided by Mark Bowerbank instantly brings back memories of when I first got to travel on these beasts as a child. Lovely vehicles these were, far better than anything modern.

The introduction of these vehicles on the 51 back in 1995 came after the T class Leyland Titans were reallocated to allow this route to get an upgrade, but I do say that with my lips tied. The Titan and Olympian were both great buses, so we'll say, the Titans had to head on to pastures new.

17 of these vehicles were delivered in October 1995, for the commencing of the new route's new contact due to start the following month. They were allocated bonet numbers NV11-27, they were the company's second batch of Olympians.

Problems did arise with these vehicles as great as they were, an FFD check on NV16 confirmed that the VIN did not match the registration allocated to the bus and many others in batch, so many of the vehicles were re-registered. 2002 saw NV11 transfer out to Metrobus' Crawley operations as 896.

The rest soldiered on right until 2004, where the low floor revolution as it was called saw them come to the end of their London lives, being sold via Ensignbus. They were succeeded on the route 51 however in 2003 by a derivative of the Northern Counties body, the Plaxton President with a B7TL a chassis which signified the second generation of Volvo within the company.

The route was respectively lost to ELBG back in 2008, who were purchased by Stagecoach in 2010 who now it from their Plumstead Garage. The route now operates with Scania Omnicitys. 


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