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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Picture Of The Day [25th of January 2014]

See here picking up at Waterloo Station in the ever fading daylight is Camberwell based WHV14 LJ61 CXN whilst operating on the limited stop X68, one of only three Tfl express style routes, which seem to be falling out of favor. As the years have gone by transport for London have felt the need to minimize the number of express routes in London, with them swaying towards a more Metro style of transportation. Has anyone noticed how the Metropolitan Line has now lost many of the off-peak fast journeys?!

The Route links Russel Square and West Croydon, with the first stop after the terminus being Waterloo, before continuing non stop to West Norwood, however despite this the route whenever I have done it, never actually seems very fast. At present it is allocated WVLs from the 68 & 468 contract, however odd appearances are never a rarity, picturing one is!

One thing that does baffle me, is the fact, that it is a 'limited stop' route but numbered in the letter prefix series as opposed to the 6xx series that follows suit with the 607 which runs limited stop on the Uxbridge Road from White City to Uxbridge.

However if you want a real express route, please travel on the X26, which runs from Heathrow Central to West Croydon also using some lovely Mercedes Citaros. Anyway that's all from me! 


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