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Friday, 2 December 2011

Metroline Potters Bar Garage [PB]

Today I visited Metroline's Potters Bar garage in Hertfordshire. The garage currently houses 128 buses including 5 spares. Buses in the garage range from Alexander Dennis E200/400's to Dennis Trident / Plaxton Presidents.

Metroline DLM152, Y252NLK on the Potters Bar Forecourt

Potters Bar garage is home of the last two remaining Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer 2 8.8M (DLM) buses within the company. DLM152, Y252NLK and DLM158,Y258NLK both transffered to PB from Holloway (HT) garage when the company lost the W5. The garage currently runs route 82, 84, 217, 234, 263, 383, 384, 626, W8, W9 and night routes N20 and N91. The garage also holds buses for Hertfordshire bus route 242. Potters Bar recently welcomed a batch of DP's from Brentford (AH) garage numbered between DP1001 - 1014, these were displaced from the loss of Rotue 117 to Abellio London. Back on site was repaired TE943, LK58KHH. DEL856 was also on site which is the only 84 bus which does not have the blue skirt. These buses could have any livery and/or branding the company want as the route has nothing to do with TFL. Oyster cards will no longer be accpeted on Route 84 in the new year as it goes to a full commerical route. In October 2011 it was announced that the Garage has successfully retained the Route 82 Contract which will commence in May 2012 with 25 new double deckers. The Buses are yet unspecified. Below are some more pictures from my visit. Credit must go out to the Metroline staff for allowing me on the premises and just a reminder that I had to comply with Garage safety rules on site by wearing a Hi-Visibility Jacket.

Metroline DES791, LK07BDO

Metroline DEL856, LK08DWL

Metroline DEL852, LK08DWE

Metroline TE943, LK58KHH

Metroline TE943, LX58KHH, Repaired and Repainted rear

Metroline DSD217, LR02BFE

Metroline TP464, LK03GKC & TPL278, LR02BBN

Metroline DP1012, RL51DOH, Ex 117 bus


Tom Bowell says:
at: Friday, December 02, 2011 8:21:00 pm said...

Good post but Potters Bar is in Hertfordshire not North London but otherwise very good post and pictures keep up the good work Jack.

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