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Friday, 23 December 2011

Hybrids for Route 15

Stagecoach London began taking delivery of its first Hybrid deck buses on the 15th December. A total of 26 ADL built buses will arrive for serivce on Route 15 between Regent Steet and Blackwall currently run from Bow (BW) garage.


The buses use the established and successful BAE Systems serial hybrid system where the engine is not connected to the wheels but provides power to a generator and batteries that transmit the drive via an electric motor. By using this system it creates a better fuel economy with fewer emissions and less noise. When the bus begins to brake, the motor becomes a generator and returns power to the batteries, leading to further energy efficiency as well as helping bring the bus to a stop.

The buses fleetcodes will range from 12128 - 12153 with the whole batch expected to be fully delivered in mid March. Although the interior layout is to TFL specification, the colour scheme is the same overall green as used on all of Stagecoach's National hybrids.

12128 Interior

#The information regarding the Hybrid bus technology is based around the original infromation provided on the Stagecoach London website


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