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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

After an eventful morning in Twickenham..I visited the same secret location that visited back in August with to take shots of the new London Sovereign Enviro 200s. The location has to be kept confidential to respect the wishes of London Sovereign. This time round, there were 17 decommissioned Dennis Pointers that have been withdrawn from London service following the conversion of the Harrow 'H' Routes to new Enviro 200s.

Transdev DPS544 Y544 XAG
Looking at the shot above, its hard to believe that a mere 10 years ago, this Bus was a new state of the art £90,000 really does go to show how short the lifespan is of a London Bus. The Bus above along with the fellow Buses in the yard are part of a mixed batch of Buses consisting of both X and Y Reg plate, that were originally ordered by Transdev in 1999. The batched worked from their then Fulwell (FW), Hounslow Heath (HH) and Tolworth (TV) Garages. In early 2010 the Buses transferred from their London United operations to London Sovereign's Harrow Garage (SO) in return for some newer DPS Class Buses. The future of these Buses still remains unclear however I think the scrap yard may be the most likely option unless Ensignbus can lend a helping hand. More shots from the visit are placed below. 

Transdev DPS532 X532 UAT

Transdev DPS523 X523 UAT and DPS536 Y536 XAG

Transdev DPS533 X533 UAT and DPS524 X524 UAT

Transdev DPS529  X529 UAT and DPS522 X522 UAT

Transdev DPS516  X516 UAT and DPS518 X518 UAT

Transdev DPS523 X523 UAT (rear)

Transdev DPS517 X517 UAT and DPS531 X531 UAT

Transdev DPS533 X533 UAT


Sovereign King
at: Saturday, May 05, 2012 12:15:00 pm said...

Will they ever come back to service again because I really miss these buses???

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