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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Metroline CELF Centre Part 17

Today was the first visit to Metroline's CELF Centre in about 3 months if I'm correct.

Amid all the bad press the Evening Standard 'tried' to give Metroline, you have to give them credit for opening up this Centre which is the fist of is kind in the London Bus industry. It's so good that First use the centre to MOT and refurbish their vehicles just as much as Metroline do. Today proved a successful day as I got the general manager of Metroline's fleet maintenance to send down the 'infected' TE682 which has had problems since delivery for maintenance.
More Photos below:
First London TN33000 and
Metroline VPL165

Metroline VPL228 and Metroline TP380

First London TN33000

Metroline TAL125

Metroline TP400

Metroline DE862

Metroline TP453

Metroline TE914

Metroline DLD130

Metroline TP390 and Metroline TP397


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