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Friday, 3 September 2010

Metroline Perivale West Garage [PA] Part 4

Today's trip to Perivale West proved a successful one as I got a nice surprise as seen in the caption below shows.

Three new Volvo B9TL Wrightbus Gemini 2s were delivered here for warm storage prior to being delivered to AH (Brentford) where they will remain for the Route E2 (Brentford Commerce Road - Greenford Broadway). The vehicles delivered are VW1056 LK60AEA, VW1059 LK60AED and VW1058 LK60 AEC. Once the completion of the new VWs have been delivered, TE976 - 992 will move onto Cricklewood Garage for the Route 210. Seems a smart move by Metroline as it helps standardise the vehicle allocations across their Garage. Delivery of these VWs is expected to be completed in November. I must say I'm very happy that Metroline have opted for this body and chassis, I think they are the two best combinations you can gain on the market in recent times. No discredit to the E400 but I think the Gemini 2 B9TL is simply the best! More shots from my visit are placed below.

Metroline VW1058 LK60 AEC Side Shot

The trio of VWs lined up at PA

VW1059 LK60 AED and VW1058 LK60 AEC.

Metroline VW1056 LK60AEA

Metroline VW1056 interior bottom deck

Metroline VW1058 interior top deck

Metroline VW interior showing IBUS screen


at: Friday, October 21, 2011 5:34:00 pm said...

b9 gemmi2 fast bus

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