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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Victoria Line 09 Stock

2009 Stock Number 11003 enters Oxford Circus Station with the service to Brixton on the 29th November 2009 © James Galbraith

Now most enthusiasts will be all too familiar with the new 2009 Stock Trains that are currently being introduced on the Victoria Line. The original plan was to introduce the Trains in 2005 and they would classed as 2005 Stock but this did not work out. Nevertheless the Trains are entering service this year. The new trains are being constructed by Bombardier at their Litchurch Lane Depot up in Derby.

There are currently two in service and I was lucky enough get a ride in one of them. My first impression of them is that they are very fast and provide a comfortable ride. The airy interior creates a cool atmosphere on a very very busy line. The only thing I really disliked about these trains is their small windows. However my friend was there to explain to me that these trains will never see daylight with passengers on them, due to the fact the Victoria Line is fully submerged underground so there is no need for large windows.

It is expected that once delivery commences later this year one Train will be delivered every fortnight. Whether this will work out remains to be seen. However it it worked out with the Class 378s so it remains to be seen if will work out with the 2009 stock. The 2009 Stock are going to gradually replace the 1967 stock currently used on the Victoria Line which will then be scrapped.

The Acceleration of these units is very good, within 30 seconds we were up to 60mph!

I think anybody travelling on these magnificent trains will have an excellent experience.


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