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BVE - Frankford to Ludgate Hill

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As some may know, I (Jay) was a developer for open-source 
Train simulation program, BVE, and during my time in the community, I made quite a few add-ons for the simulator, however not many were released, 
in actual fact I believe only one was ever released, which subsequently isn't available for download any more. However a bit of spare time has 
rekindled my interest in the program and I have decided to release a demo of one of the routes I created a while ago. 
The route is an add-on for the fictional Network West Midlands route and runs the best part of 12 miles from the small town of 
Frankford in the West Midlands to Ludgate Hill, a fictional representation of Birmingham Snow Hill.

Your traction, will be one of the British Rail greats, the Class 165, and you will travel through many small towns and villages, before finally joining up 
with the mainline at Bromford Albion Station, which is the fictional reincarnation of West Bromwich, and then running fast to Ludgate Hill. 
Below are some screenshots of what you can expect to the route to look like.

At present the route is in a BETA testing stage, with a few minor tweaks needed in order to get the route in a downloadable state. 
The route will be made for download on the site and a release date will be given, soon so do check this page regularly for updates.

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at: Thursday, May 28, 2015 7:49:00 pm said...

I'm really looking forward to this! Any updates on when it will be released?

Jay says:
at: Thursday, May 28, 2015 10:23:00 pm said...


We have again halted work on this project as we continue on with a much larger product which is sure to turn heads!

Thanks for the interest!

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