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Thursday, 5 November 2015

London Recap - October 2015

Another month passes by and another recap to record. A brilliant month for Arsenal fans and not so great if your team is from the South-West corner of London...Plenty of news and transfers this month so where do we start..

New ADL Enviro 200's for Metroline Uxbridge

Seen here looking rather red at Uxbridge Station, is Metroline DEL2153 LK65 EAP one of ten that recently entered service on routes 331 & A10. Numbered 2145-2154, the vehicles were ordered against the 331 & U10, although they can be seen everywhere else bar the latter. They represent the first brand new buses for Metroline West, the West London subsidy of London super-group Metroline.

New ADL Enviro 200's for Metrobus Orpington

The beginning of October saw the delivery and introduction of seven 8.9m E200Ds numbered SE261-267 at Metrobus' Orpington Garage for Route 352 which runs a 9 mile course between Bromley North and Lower Sydenham.

New Routemasters on Route 149

Route 149 duly began its conversion from conventional diesel double decks to controversial Hybrid deckers in the form of LTs or the Borismaster if you like. The batch of 42 buses have numbers running from LT513-516 & 564-601 which replace the 400 series DWs onto the Enfield operated routes, which allow Arriva to get rid of 1st generation DWs and VLWs at the Garage.

New Shape Metroline Wrightbus Gemini 3's

The last day in October saw the first of a new body for Metroline in the form of VWH2122-2144 as they took over Route 295 respectively from Tower Transit, operating it from their Willesden Junction garage. However not all of the chosen vehicles were available in good time both VW and VWH classes were drafted in from Holloway and Potters bar to make up for the shortfall. 

Poppy Buses 

London Poppy Day has been running for a number of years now, it is where the Royal British Legion try to raise one million pounds in one day. To mark this occasion along with Remembrance Sunday in November, a number of London Buses carry a special advertising livery.‪#‎LDNPoppyDay‬ 

Romford Iconic Running Day

Scenes from Romford's iconic running day have been placed below

RM324 (WLT324) is seen at Romford Market while working on the Route 103 to North Romford, Chase Cross, this is one of Stagecoach's Routemasters based at West Ham Garage for the Route 15 making a rare trip east.
The Recently Restored RT1790 is seen at Romford Market while working on the Route 103 to South Hornchurch during the Romford Iconic Running Day
MCW Metrobus 192 has recently been restored by Ensignbus and was shown off for the first time at the Romford Iconic Running Day, and is seen here arriving at Romford Market while working on the Route 365
LT239 (LTZ1239) is seen arriving at Romford Market while working on the Route 103 to Rainham Interchange. This bus was one of many vehicles taking part in the Romford Iconic Running Day. 

Last Day on temporary Route 541 

The 30th day of the month marked the final day of operation for the 'temporary' Route 541 between Prince Regent Station and the Kier Hardie Estate via Canning Town Station. The route had been in operation for over two years, while Crossrail work took place at Custom House Station. The withdrawal of this route saw the re-introduction of the Scania type buses back at Silvertown Depot. 

347 Go-Ahead to Arriva and the unfortunate 'Ockendon' incident

It should have been a dull takeover with boring E200s, but Arriva couldn't help but drawing attention during their takeover of Route 347 from Go Ahead, with the misspelling of Ockendon, which was printed Ockenden on the blinds. 4010 GN08 CHH was the 'new' bus chosen although its not the first time a new Arriva vehicle has operated on the Route 347, some may remember MDL1 YJ60 GGE and 10.3m VDL SB180 with MCV Evolution bodywork.

324 London Sovereign to Metroline

The swap between London Sovereign and Metroline was completed when Route 324 was transferred to Metroline's Cricklewood Garage  on the 24th of October, using the former batch allocated to Route 326. Passengers along the route can benefit from a higher frequency route along with larger buses.

246 with refurbished MANs

A type in exile is Evolution boded MAN 12.240, the type itself has only ever operated with three companies in London as has been plagued by rumours of its unreliability out the 55 or so ever ordered only around half remain. Metrobus chose to refurbish a small number of these vehicles got the recently won Route 246 which they took over from Stagecoach on September the 19th however the refurbished vehicles only returned in October.

Metroline's TPs stay around for a while longer 

Following the gain of the 295, more of the TP class vehicles have come out of storage to be returned to both Holloway and Potters Bar whilst their buses are loaned to sister company Metroline West fill the void left by the buses left undelivered for the 295.

Farewell to the DMC/DHL/DC

Whatever you want to call it, this class of vehicle is now leaving London following the introduction of newer E200s on their respective Routes. Metroline have started their withdrawal following the new buses on the 331 and A10 as well as Tower Transit who have started following the delivery of their new buses ,DMV 45112/3/4 and DM 45115-120. 

Credits : Jacob - Route 324 Picture 


npkmaps says:
at: Friday, November 06, 2015 2:55:00 pm said...

Great recap! As for teams in south west London, Brentford is doing just fine! :)

Jay says:
at: Friday, November 06, 2015 3:28:00 pm said...

Many thanks for your comments :) and I hope you're talking about Metroline and not the football team ;) lol

RG chill says:
at: Friday, November 06, 2015 8:38:00 pm said...

Does anyone know the running number for routes 295 & 324 please?

Charlie Stevens says:
at: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 2:31:00 pm said...

Also worth noting that 352 is now running on Sundays

DJ AF says:
at: Saturday, November 14, 2015 10:29:00 pm said...

You didn't do the Nbfl advert liveries for October

Valmira Alikaj says:
at: Wednesday, December 23, 2015 5:19:00 pm said...

All of North Streets 9.9m and 10.5m Tridents 17564, 17976-17999, 18478-18480 start transferrred to Plumstead bus garage.

Henry says:
at: Monday, March 21, 2016 3:14:00 pm said...

It's really amazing,
i like this information about london,
Living in London

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