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Monday, 13 July 2015

London Recap - June 2015

Apologies for the slightly delayed post, its been a very busy few weeks.

Stagecoach's Green Enviro 400 to celebrate World Environment Day

The month of June started with Stagecoach painted one of Leyton's Enviro 400 Hybrids in Green to support World Environment Day which was on Friday 5th June, this bus only worked in service for that week on the Route 55 and 56. And has now gone for its midlife refurbishment which will see it return to red. 12137 can be seen arriving and on stand at St Bartholomew's Hospital near St Paul's.  (Both Pictures taken on 02/06/15 by Kristian Lake)

A range of NBFL Adverts
Following on from last month's Coca-Cola adverts which now number 31 buses, June has given us four new NBFL adverts. However Vita Coca and TAGHeuer barely lasted the month before they became B-pay adverts (See upcoming July Recap):

The first was an allover advert for the Proper Corn flavour Sweet Coconut and Vanilla which was one of two Proper Corn ads.

The second was another variation of the Proper Corn advert, this time in yellow for the Sweet and Salty flavour.

Next was Vita Coca, an allover blue advert with a great slogan "8500 Red London Buses? This isn't one of them."

And Finally TAGHeuer advertising the Formula E final at Battersea Power Station at the end of June, this advert only featured on NBFL's on the Route 137 presumably due to its proximity to the power station its self.

Introduction of London United's Volvo B5LH/Gemini 3's
After a brief use on 4th June, to cover for Enviro 200's needed on a Private Hire job, Saturday 13th saw the full introduction of the VH's on the Route 285, it marks a well deserved and long awaited double decker conversion of this route. VH40 is seen at Heathrow Central Bus Station on 13/06/15 (Taken by Kristian Lake)

MMCs on the E1

Two Enviro 400 MMC's made an appearance on the Route E1 on Saturday 13th, to cover buses which where on Rail Replacement, these buses where ordered for the Route 350 and where delivered at the end of March 2015. (Taken by Kristian Lake on 13/06/15)

Introduction of Stagecoach's Volvo B5LH/Enviro 400MMC's
13062 is seen loading at Greenwich Station while working on the Route 177 to Thamesmead. (Taken on 20/06/15 by Kristian Lake)

Within the first few days, the Stagecoach version's started to appear on other PD routes, 13075 appeared on the Route 122 on 25th June and then also appeared on the Route 51 the following day. 13061 also featured on the Route 53 on the 26th June as well.

13069 ventured onto the Route 472 on 27/06/15, seen at Greenwich Peninsular. Taken by Kristian Lake.  

Introduction of Metroline's Volvo B5LH/Gemini 3's
VWH2091 is seen on Oxford Street while working on the Route 6 to Aldwych. (Taken on 20/06/15 by Kristian Lake)

Introduction of Go-Ahead London's Volvo B5LH/Enviro 400MMC's
EHV3 is seen at Crossharbour Asda about to depart on the Route 135 to Aldgate. (Taken on 20/06/15 by Kristian Lake)


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Wow nice post ..the images are really beautiful...nice

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