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Sunday, 26 April 2015


It is quite a bit of a mouthful to say, but I'm sure as we become more familiar with the vehicle itself, a fitting nickname will follow as with many types before them and the type is arguably one of the most highly anticipated fleet of new vehicles, for obvious reasons.

In April 2014 as part of Stagecoach's national order, 18 E400 bodied Volvo B5LHs were included with the very prominent distinction that they would feature a new body, however at the time with no official announcement from ADL, myself just as much as anybody was left as dumbfounded as anyone as to what these new style E400 could look like. By the Summer pictures had surfaced as to what the new style body would look like which was followed by an official announcement from ADL.

Nevertheless the first four arrived at Stagecoach's Strathay Depot on the 23rd of April, with many complete with heavy branding and imagery to designate their Hybrid credentials. The three in the shot from left show 13046 SJ15 PVF , 13044 SJ15 PVL and 13045  SJ15 PVN, whilst the fourth a training bus HY14 BUS was sat inside the shed for staff familiarisation. Their fleet details follow below. 

13041 SJ15PUY 
13042 SJ15PUX 
13043 HY14BUS
13044 SJ15PVL 
13045 SJ15PVN 
13046 SJ15PVF 
13047 SJ15PVK 
13048 SJ15PVE 
13049 SJ15PVO 
13050 SA15VML 
13051 SA15VTW 
13052 SA15VTU 
13053 SA15VTY 
13054 SA15VTV 
13055 SA15VUX 
13056 SA15VTX 
13057 SA15VTZ 
13058 SA15VUY 

Seen here from the nearside angle in all heir glory, they do look remarkably similar to the Scania/E400 combination, one which had become so popular with the Stagecoach group over the years. 

Stagecoach Scotland E400 Volvo B5LH Offside 
Stagecoach Scotland E400 Volvo B5LH Interior - Upper deck
Stagecoach Scotland E400 Volvo B5LH Interior - lower deck
Stagecoach Scotland E400 Volvo B5LH Interior - lower deck
Stagecoach Scotland E400 Volvo B5LH Interior - Upper deck
Stagecoach Scotland E400 Volvo B5LH from the rear
The interior shows quite an unorthodox use of grey for the interior panelling while similarities can be drawn between the engine bay on these vehicles and the more familiar Wright Gemini B5LH. The vehicles themselves for their length weigh a noble 11,255KGS and seat an impressive 79 persons with space for 20 standees. The Stagecoach Scotland orders is followed by a further 21 which are due for Plumstead Garage route 177 in Summer whilst Go Ahead London have ordered 16 for their newly won 135 which will operate from their Silvertown Garage. Credit to our dear friend Gordon who supplied us with the photos and we must stress these must not be used without prior permission. 


at: Thursday, April 30, 2015 6:04:00 pm said...

How come one of the MMCs are 14-reg?

Omar Diab says:
at: Thursday, May 07, 2015 4:34:00 pm said...

It looks much more spacious than the integral MMC,and they still have the vertical box at the rear where the hybrid systems are kept!

Exiled Bhoy in Fife says:
at: Sunday, May 31, 2015 10:27:00 am said...

It's a private plate designed to look like the word Hybrid......these buses are built to the longer non-Tfl spec so that needs to be remembered so will look bigger. Also the route that they'll be used on is conductor-operated.

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