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Monday, 9 March 2015

London Recap - February 2015

Welcome to back to London Recap, a section where we will be focusing on specific changes within the London Bus Scene for each Calendar Month.

Introduction of New Buses for London on the Route 55

LT385 (LTZ1385) is seen outside Leyton Garage having just arrived from Oxford Circus, taken by Kristian Lake on 11/02/15
Bus Details:
Wrightbus 'New Bus For London' Hybrid 11.3m H40/22T (Inc. 19 Standing) ULW 12390kg
Numbered: LT312 to 316
Registration Plates: LTZ1312-LTZ1316

Wrightbus 'New Bus For London' Hybrid 11.3m H40/22T (Inc. 18 standing) ULW 12480kg
Numbered: LT357 to 390
Registration Plates: LTZ1357 to LTZ1390

The first LT’s to enter service on the Route 55 actually took place on the 17th January, but as it was a phased introduction it took the whole of February for the majority of the batch to enter service, and even by the end of the month there was still one remaining, that being LT359 (which entered service on 7th March). Unfortunately there was two collisions involving 55’s on consecutive days at the beginning of February, Firstly LT360 crashed within Leyton Garage on the morning of 3rd Feb and LT315 collided into the rear of another bus in Hackney on the afternoon of 4th Feb. In autumn 2014, two buses from this batch (LT312 and 313) had both spent some time with Stagecoach Strathtay working on the Route 73 between Arbroath and Dundee, arriving at West Ham garage in mid-december 2014. The introduction of LT’s on the 55 has allowed a number of Scania Omnicity’s to be taken off lease and it has also released some Tridents to move to other garages.

Introduction of Wright Streetlites on the Route 192

WS44 (SN64CVK) is seen on Watermead Way at Tottenham Hale while working on the Route 192, taken by Kristian Lake on 18/02/15

Bus Details: Wright StreetLite WF 8.8m B28F (ULW 7487kg)

Numbered: WS33 to WS48,
Registration Plates: SN64CTZ, CUA/C/G/H/J/K/O/U/V/W/X/Y, CVA/B/C and CTV.
The first two of fifteen 8.8m streetlites (WS33 and 37) entered service on the Route 192 on 22nd January and by the end of February they had all been used, however WS35 and 40 had developed faults and where withdrawn on 10th and 11th February respectively, to be sent back to  Wrightbus for an engine change. For a couple of months the route 192 was covered by inherited Enviro 200’s and Pointers, that where hired to Go-Ahead due to the late delivery of the streetlites, however by the end of the February a few of these hired buses had returned back to Arriva. These buses have made a number of rare appearances on other routes during February, WS39 was on the Route W10 (Enfield-Crews Hill Shopping Route) on 2nd Feb and WS37 was on the Route 389 (Barnet Shopping Route) on 21st Feb.

Introduction of Enviro 200's on the Route 488
DMV45102 (YY64YKM) is seen on Fairfield Road, outside Bow Garage heading towards Bromley By Bow, taken by Kristian Lake on 28/02/15.
Bus Details: AD Enviro 200 10.8m B31D
Numbered: DMV45101-45111
Registration plates: YY64YKL/M/N/O/P/R/S/T/U/V/W

The Route 488 transferred to Tower Transit operation on 28th Feb and they also introduced 11 new 10.8m Enviro 200’s, all of which had entered service by the second day of running. And within the first week four other 12 reg Enviro 200’s had also been used on the route. These buses had bucked the recent trend as they had been flywheel fitted but featured Allison gearboxes. They are blinded for other routes so length permitting there maybe the occasional rare working in the future.


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