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Friday, 20 February 2015

Metroline CELF Centre Part 47...New MMCs for Cricklewood [W]

Weeks upon weeks of waiting have brought me to the writing of post, however as the old saying goes, you wait for one and three show up, and what  would present a more perfect photo opportunity than this, two of the bus manufacturing world's latest ventures standing next to one another as if deliberately done for the purpose of this shot. At present three vehicles in 2074, 2075 & 2077 are at the centre whilst the rest from the batch 2072-2087 await delivery from Plaxton's plant in Scarborough.

Metroline TEH2075 LK15 CSF at CELF
The 16 strong batch were ordered against the 332 contract which was retained by the company, however in they will operate on the 'flagship' 16 allowing the 332 to benefit from the introduction of newer buses on the route which  in theory should allowed the ageing TAs to be displaced elsewhere...Almost immediately noticeable on these new batch of Enviros is the loss of the blue dash, which bar the paintwork and logos, would enable it hard to tell if these were Metroline vehicles or not, however that doesn't take away from the fact, these are a very stylish set of vehicles, and its hard to fathom the design of these was conceived from that of the previous E400.
Metroline MM819 LK57 AYO & Metroline TEH2075 LK15 CSF
As visible in the photo, the traditional logo beneath above the cab has been ditched in favour of a more prominent larger logo, which is now situated below the drivers cab due to the design of the bus. Given the fact, these have been delivered to a non standard specification, it remains to be seen whether or not further deliveries will continue in this fashion.

The rear of TEH2075 LK15 CSF
 From the rear, although much has changed from the original E400, resemblance can be drawn through the design of the rear window, which has reverted back to the 'kidney' shape, although revised to allow for better access in times of an emergency. The positioning of the fleet number has also been altered to below the lower deck window as opposed to the upper deck window.

U.W 11,655KGS
As mentioned in my previous post when on a visit to Camberwell, I am worried that buses are being built to a very low weight specification as it begs the question what is being used as a make-way or compromise to achieve results as such.
Metroline TEH2075 upper deck 
Upper-deck rear window on TEH2075
Another view of the upper deck showing the full blue consist
From an interior perspective it is clear to see that subject to consultation from their major customers ADL have listened and created an atmosphere more airier and welcoming as opposed to the original E400 and on Metroline models grey and blue seems to be a common theme.
Metroline DLD207 LN51 KXO
Nostalgia was provided in DLD207, one of 10 Darts originally purchased and subsequently delivered to Edgware garage to provide traction on recent tender wins in 2001, before moving to North Wembley and Kings Cross in 2011 to provide extra capacity on the 274. More photos from my visit are placed below featuring a special guest too!

Metroline TE836 LK57 AXR
Metroline SEL752 LK07 BBV 
Metroline SEL753 LK07 BBX
Metroline TA652 & TE671 LK55 KKC
Metroline DE997 LK09 ENJ
Metroline VWH2061 LK64 EJG having just been delivered to the centre
London Sovereign DPS638 SK02 XHO
London Sovereign's DPS638 was today's special guest, as it jetted in for a quick chassis spray, hastily leaving. The vehicle was initially delivered to London United's Stamford Brook garage in the April of 2002, to operate on the newly retained 283 before transferring to London Sovereign's Harrow Garage [SO] in January of 2010, via Hounslow Heath Garage. It was refurbished in November 2011 and now spends most of its days on Harrow Circular routes, H9 &10.

Metroline VW1826 BK10 MFN
VW1826 pretty much caps of my visit for today, please do feel free to comment on what vehicle you think is better in the debate of the MMC vs the Gemini3. Adios!


Unknown says:
at: Monday, February 23, 2015 5:53:00 pm said...

So is EW getting existing Enviro400s from W as a Fleet Shift may happen?

at: Saturday, February 28, 2015 9:08:00 pm said...

Can anyone guess why the MMC has that big bulky self at the rear window (upper deck)? There was me thinking they was not going to need that anymore. It really does deprive the bus of a good upper deck capacity.

at: Friday, March 20, 2015 2:59:00 am said...

I would like to say that I actually like the E400 MMC much better over the original 2005 version as the interior looks a lot better and it "feels" more higher quality to that of an ALX400. To me the E400 MMC is like a brand new streamlined ALX400 with all the gubbins of the newer generation buses.

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